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From 18 - 20 July 20 San Candido (Val Pusteria, Dolomites) will host the first Adventure Days Movie Awards.
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Giorgio Gobbo, Sergio Marchesini, Riccardo Marogna at A way of being, words by and about Walter Bonatti
Photo by Foto Lanzeni Courmayeur
Manolo climbing Roby Present 8c+/9a, Val Noana, Pale di San Martino, Dolomites
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Night walk with Massimo Borgatti and concert at dawn with the Piccola Bottega Baltazar at Rifugio Gallo Cedrone.
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Adventure Movie Awards Days at San Candido


From 18 - 20 July 20 San Candido (Val Pusteria, Dolomites) will host the first Adventure Days Movie Awards. The program includes the world's 40 best films and documentaries, while special guests include Manolo, Alex Bellini, Danilo Callegari and Michael Wachtler. "A way of being, words by and about Walter Bonatti will be staged in the Dolomites for the first time, as well as numerous workshops for adventure lovers.

It all begins on Thursday, July 18 and finishes on Sunday 20. The location is San Candido (Innichen) in Val Pusteria, one of the jewels of the Dolomites and right in the heart of the Sesto Dolomites Nature Reserve. The event is the Adventure Movie Awards Days, a unique opportunity to learn, think about, see, but also and above all to take part in everything that has to do with adventure, exploration and nature. From rock climbing to the great Atlantic crossings and exploration, via surfing, sky-running, trekking, running, slackline yoga, meditation and mountain biking.

All of this with films, meetings with the prime players, workshops and "in the field" events to share a love for the outdoors as well as a joy for something that is so intense and varied. Yes, because the Adventure Movie Awards Days at San Candido are a true journey that revolve around everything that expresses the man's desire to know, explore and experience adventure in the great outdoors. It is because of this that the "AMA" embraces all outdoor sports and includes 40 of the world's best adventure films and documentaries. And it is for this reason that the three evenings, moderated by Vinicio Stefanello of planetmountain.com, are dedicated to unique and out-of-the-ordinary encounters.

The evenings begin on Thursday 18 July, at 21:00 with Danilo Callegariand Michael Wachtler. Callegari will talk about his great solo traverse through the deserts of South America, his ascent of Aconcagua and Elbrus and his Seven Summits project, while Wachtler will share that unique and incredible passion that led him to become one of the last romantic treasure hunters of the Dolomites and in the world's mountains. Both will talk about the meaning of "Exploration and knowledge", which is precisely the theme of the meeting.

Friday evening will be entirely dedicated to Walter Bonatti, the man who, for many, represents climbing and exploration perfection. The story will be told by Vasco Mirandola along with Giorgio Gobbo, Sergio Marchesini and Riccardo Marogna of the Piccola Bottega Baltazar who will stage "A way of being, words by and about Walter Bonatti" A spectacle of words and music, with videos by Raffaella Rivi - devised by Vinicio Stefanello and produced by the City of Courmayeur - that will be staged in the Dolomites for the first time ever. This is a way to "talk" about alpinism (but not only) by bringing it to the theatre and leaving the artists with the task of recounting the stories and sharing the excitement of a truly special life. Not to be missed!

Saturday evening mustn't be missed either as it stars Maurizio Zanolla, better known as Manolo, together with Alex Bellini. The theme is "Horizontal and vertical borders" and predicting what will happen is quite impossible. Firstly because it is by no means certain that Manolo's "borders" are limited to climbing those difficult rock faces that the magician has made us accustom to. And secondly because the Bellini's boundaries are by no means simply the horizontal ones he breached as he rowed his boat across the oceans. Perhaps we'll discover that the boundaries (at least those in adventures) have a unique dimension that have something in common even when they seem diametrically opposed. Certainly worth experiencing!

Talking about passions... The backbone of Adventure Movie Awards Days is the opportunity to share one's own love for the outdoors. So Swiss climber Michi Lerjen will talk about his new route on Fitz Roy and this "vertical adventure", and he will also share his love climbing for a day. Running champions Marco De Gasperi, Pablo Criado Toca and Stefano Gregoretti will transmit "the runner's soul" by talking about their achievements, and they will also teach others how to prepare for mountain races. The incredible slackliner Armin Holzer, with Ale D'Emilia, Niccolò Zarattini and Aldo Valmassoi, will teach how to walk on slacklines and discuss the mental aspects of this discipline.

World ice climbing champion Angelika Rainer and the Italian alpinist Luca Matteraglia will explain how to train both the body and mind for climbing. Tite Togni, creator of YogaXrunners, will demonstrate how to use this discipline to improve running skills and find an inner harmony. Danilo Callegari will teach how to use digital and traditional maps to avoid getting lost. In addition, Prof. Giovanni Fava from the New York University, together with mountain guide Stephane 'Fanfan' Dan and director Bill Kerig will discuss "The importance of fear: individual perception of risk." Barbara Biscotti will introduce Vipassiana meditation, while the photographers Damiano Levati and Harald Wisthaler will hold outdoor photography workshop. in addition there will also be a series of book presentations, among which one need to mentioned "Erich Abram, a mountaineer from Bolzano" presented by the author Augusto Golin.

Last but not least, the night walk through the forest with the author of Sciamanager, Massimo Borgatti. The goal is Rifugio Gallo Cedrone. The hut with a unique panorama onto the Sesto Dolomites that, the end of the night walk, will host the concert at dawn by the Piccola Bottega Baltazar. The date is Saturday, July 20 and everyone is invited ... at dawn. This promises to be unique!

>>> INFO and PROGRAM on www.adventuremovieawards.com





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