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From the 27th of July to the 2nd of August 2015 Livigno will host the Adventure Awards Days, the international festival dedicated to adventure and exploration. In the photo Danilo Callegari, special guest of the first edition and one of the protagonists of the Running Camp 2015.
Photo by Danilo Callegari
Willy Mulonia in the Atacama desert, Chile
Photo by Adventure Awards Days
Eloise Barbieri
Photo by Adventure Awards Days
Eleanor Moseman - Tibet
Photo by Adventure Awards Days
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Adventure Awards Days 2015 at Livigno


From the 27th of July to the 2nd of August 2015 Livigno will host the Adventure Awards Days, the international festival dedicated to adventure and exploration. Events are dedicated to running, trekking, yoga, mtb, photo and storytelling workshops and the first edition of BAM!, the European meeting of bicycle travelers and adventurers. Furthermore: meetings, shows, concerts at dawn, films and parties. Special guests include Paolo Rumiz, Cristiano Godano (voice of Marlene Kunz) and Willy Mulonia.

Once a year, explorers, mountaineers, great travelers and adventurers will meet all together at the Adventure Awards, to share stories, experiences and passions: from the 27th of July till the 2nd of August, back in Livigno (SO), the third edition of the international festival of adventure and exploration.

Adventure Awards Days is not an extreme sports event: it's rather an event full of passion that leads to living life to the fullest and to have the desire to try something new.

Seven days of meetings, workshops, performances, training camps and movies during which the most passionate will have the opportunity to get to know the protagonists of the outdoor world, and the curious ones will be able to test their skills, learning something new or experimenting the thrill of an experience in the heart of nature.

What's new in this edition is BAM!, the european Bicycle Adventure Meeting, a meeting of all those who choose the bicycle as a means to travel and explore.

The festival will take place in the center of the city and in the heart of the wilderness that surrounds it, over 3000 meters.

The detailed program of the event, the booking forms and all the informations needed are available on www.adventureawards.it

International film festival
From the 27th till the 29th of July, the appointment is at the movies, where a selection of the best adventure and exploration documentaries from all around the world will be projected in three different nights, also thanks to the collaboration with National Geographic and with important international festivals, such as 5Point (USA) or Shaff (GB). The adventure awards festival will screen some italian and international premiers and the presence of the protagonists in the theater.  Two prizes: the Best Movie and the Green Movie, which will award the film with the strongest environmental sensitivity.

The voice of the places - Storytelling workshop with Paolo Rumiz
On Sunday 2nd of August, stories will be the protagonists: the traveler, writer and journalist Paolo Rumiz will hold a storytelling workshop, that will search for the voices of the places. Rumiz will also be the protagonist of the meeting with the public that will take place Saturday evening at the Cinelux of Livigno.

Night trekking and concert at dawn of Cristiano Godano of Marlene Kuntz
Sunday, 2nd of August, we wake up for the night trekking in the dark (at 4 am) and concert at dawn at 2500 meters: after Cisco, former Modena City Ramblers, this year will be Cristiano Godano, the leader of Marlene Kuntz, singing in acoustic in Val delle Mine at sunrise.

Photographic trekking and workshop with ClickAlps
On the 30th and 31st of July, an event dedicated to trekking and photographic enthusiasts: a two-days workshop with Roberto Moiola and Giacomo Meneghello, of ClickAlps, among the most popular mountain photographers in Italy and beyond. Two days of immersion in nature with overnight stay in altitude, in search of the perfect landscape photo, with detailed attention on the use of light, filters and on the preparation of the equipment needed for a hike.

Italian Trickline Championship
On the 30th of July a slackline show: the center of Livigno will host the Italian Trickline Cup with the Spider Slacklines Crew. The Italian Slackline Championship (#ITC2015) is a competition, unique in it’s kind and the first in the Italian territory, which involves the construction of six itinerant stages on Italian territory for the selection of the first Italian champion of trickline. Afterwards, everyone can try to walk on the wire, with the slackline course for adults and children.

On stage, for the first time, the Story of the Unknown Island.
Meeting at the theatre in the evening on Thursday, 30th of July, for the first time on stage, the theatrical show “The Story of the Unknown Island”, based on a script by the Nobel Josè Saramago, with Davide Lorino.

Friday 31st of July and Saturday 1st of August, bicycle travelers and adventurers from alla around Europe will arrive in Livigno for the first edition of BAM! – the European Bicycle Adventure Meeting. Many events dedicated to those who choose a horizon, a pair of wheels and the wind in their face: a workshop dedicated to mechanics, one dedicated to photography “on the road”, a collective cycling to Nietzsche’s home, in Engadina. A celebrating and sharing atmosphere, with parades, the itinerant concert of Tao and the simultaneous gathering of the legendary Volkswagen Bus. During the BAM! party, a stage for everyone who wants to share his story, 5 minutes of free speech with photos and video, to win two PedalEd outfit. And many special guests, like Willy Mulonia, Alessandro Gallo, Eleanor Moseman, Francesco Ricci and Riccardo Barlaam.

Visiting Tee - Trekking in the traditions
Saturday 1st of August, we give space to local traditions: "Visiting Tee” is a hike that will touch some old traditional houses of Livigno and that will explore the agricultural traditions, folklore and history of the territory, with tastings, meetings, (with the slow traveler Ivan Peri) and music.

Running Day
Saturday 1st of August will be dedicated to trail running, with a training camp that will have as protagonists Stephanie Case, writer, passionate human rights lawyer (she lives in Gaza) and competitive ultrarunner; Giuseppe Grange and Stefano Miserocchi, great ultra runner of the Grivel team; Stefano Gregoretti, he established himself as one of the worldwide leading names of the most extreme races, and Danilo Callegari, explorer who chose the race for his next adventure. The event will take place in a room, focusing on training and the techniques, and then on a path dedicated to high altitudes, never under 2000 meters. In the end, a session of yoga for runners with Alberto Milani. In the afternoon, at the base camp, aperitif meeting will all the protagonists presented with passion by RunLovers.

MTB 3K up & down: have fun!
Sunday 2nd of August, have fun with your mountain bike with an event never seen before, the 3K, on the new paths of Carosello 3000: 1 pro rider, 100 participants, a trail of 13km and 7 hours. The challenge is to ride on the path as many times as you can, then go back up again with two cable cars which bring you back up again.

A full program of Yoga at the Adventure Awards on the terrace of the Hotel Lac Salin on Friday 31st of July and Saturday 1st of August. Yoga for sports (running and cycling) and then welcoming the sun with Alberto Milani, national instructor (CSEN) and international (RYT200) climber (also an engineer and researcher) and author of the book Yogarrampicata.

Best Adventurer and Best Storyteller
Every year the Adventure Awards reward those who best impersonate the two souls of the festival: the greatest adventurer, the one who lived the most exciting adventure. Note: not the best performance, but the most involving experience. And then the one who has best been able to narrate an adventure, a journey and nature. The event will feature interviews and stories, music and words, and will include the consignment of the Golden Beard, the beard as a symbol of every adventurer (both man or woman) designed this year by Hideto Suzuki, japanese artist.

A lake of Stars
On the night of Thursday 30th of July, a new event: a lake of stars. The few participants (limited number of people: max 12) accompanied by an astronomer on a boat in the center of the lake of Livigno, will have the opportunity to learn about stars and how to recognize them, surrounded by the magic of the night and dark.

Aperitif Meetings
Every day, at the base camp of the festival, aperitif meetings with adventurers, explorers and travelers, interviewed in irony and with the guitar of Guido Foddis.

Saturday 31st, aperitif and dinner at the Hotel Concordia and on Sunday, to close the festival, an evening dedicated to vertical exploration, to mountaineering, with various guests who will share and talk about their enterprises.

The festival is supported by: Livigno, Bim, Aku, Devold, Osprey, Buff, Carosello 3000, RockExperience, Thermore, Brooks, Pedaled, Crank Brothers, Flyer, Led Lenser, Grivel, Manfrotto.

A special thanks to our partners: Ferrino, Vivobarefoot, Riccione Piadina, I’m Sport, Lungolivigno, 1816, Mottini Sport, PlanetMountain.com, Zinermann, Latteria di Livigno, Hotel Alpina, Hotel Compagnoni, Jengafilm, FotoGino.





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