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Iker Pou freeing Enemigo Público Nº1 (8c+/9a) at Margalef, Spain
Photo by Víctor Montilla
Iker Pou freeing Nit de bruixes 9a+ at Margalef, Spain
Photo by Alberto Lessmann/Red Bull Content Pool
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Iker Pou, new routes at Margalef and Ilarduia


Iker Pou has freed Enemigo Público Nº1 8c+/9a) at the Spanish crag Margalef, while at Ilarduia he has freed Harroputza 9a.

Iker Pou continues to establish new routes at a stunning pace. Now, shortly after Nit de Bruixes, the Basque climber checks in at Margalef once again with the first ascent of Enemigo Público Nº1 (8c+/9a), a route which is "virtually without footholds" and which according to Pou is "one of the most explosive and beautiful lines in Margalef". Furthermore, on Margalef''s conglomerate limestone Pou also made the first ascents of Fil per randa (8b+), El Tango del Jabalí (8b+), Cocainea Pura y Dura (8c) and Para el Este (8c).

making the most of his great form, Pou freed another two testpieces close to home, at the crag Ilarduia: Los Puntos Sobre las X (8c/c+) and Harroputza, "one of the routes that has made me most excited to complete." 42 metres of 9a climbing up a perfect series of crimps have resulted in "A real gem for those searching for treasure!"



Iker Pou - Vitoria 05/02/1977
1994: El sentido de la vida, first 8a onsight
1994: Gora begira ez dago nekerik, first 8b+ redpoint
1996: Mala vida, first 8c redpoint
1998: Guenga, first 8c+ redpoint
2000: Action Direct 9a, Frankenjura, Germany. Third ascent.
2001: Wallstreet 8c Frankenjura, Germany
2001: Elfe 8c+/9a, Grimselpass, Switzerland
2002: Silbergeier 8b+/200m, Rätikon, Switzerland, 5th ascent.
2002: F.F.A El Pilar del Cantabrico 8a+/500m, Naranjo de Bulnes, Spain
2003: El Niño 8b/850m, Yosemite, El Capitan, USA. 3rd ascent.
2003: Baing the sang 8c+/9a, Switzerland
2003: Mendeku 9a, Basque country, Spain
2004: F.F.A. Bravo Les Filles 8b/600m Tsaranoro- Madagascar
2004: The Nose 8b+/1100m, Yosemite, El Capitan, USA.32 out of 34 pitches free.
2005: Eternal Flame 8a/1100m, Trango Tower Himalaya, with "Pou Brothers Variantion" 8a at 6000m
2006: Franco-Argentine route 6c+/1300m, Fitz Roy, Patagonia. 5 attempts, abandoned 40m from summit.
2006: Quinto Imperio, Naranjo de Bulnes, Spain
2007: Supercanaleta 6c-M6-90º/2000m, Fitz Roy, Patagonia
2007: Blaue Lagune 7b+/250m, Legacy 7b+/320m, Batman 7b+/250m, Cleoplatra 7c/270m, Wendenstock, Switzerland.
2007: Begi Puntuan 9a, Basque country, Spain
2007: F.A. Lurgorri 8c+/250m, Naranjo de Bulnes, Spain
2008: F.A. Azken Paradizua 7a-M6-90º/600m. Zerua Peak, Antartica Peninsula.
2009: F.A. Marcados por el Chañi 85/M6/600m, Chañi Chico, Argentina
2009: F.A. Orbayu 8c+/9a(500m). Naranjo de Bulnes. Spain.
2009: Maritxu kilkerra, first 8b+ onsight
2010: Demencia Senil 9a+, Margalef, Spain
2010: Solo per vecchi guerrieri, 8c/9a Dolomites
2010: Pan Aroma, Cima Ovest di Lavaredo, Dolomites
2011: La Classica Moderna, new route on Mont Blanc with Herve Barmasse and Eneko Pou
2012: F.A. Nit de bruixes 9a+ at Margalef





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