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Christian Bindhammer repeats Action Directe


On 14/05 Christian Bindhammer repeated Action Direct 9a in the Frankenjura, first climbed by Wolfgang Güllich in 1991.

Christian Bindhammer repeats Action Directe! Last week we published the news about the first ascent of Zauberfee and Christian's truly impressive cv. Notable for its absence was the mythical Action Direct, the world's first 9a (XI), climbed way back in 1991 by Wolfgang Güllich.

Its absence was noted as, in its 13 year history, the route has seen just three repeats, at the hands of Alexander Adler, Iker Pou and Dave Graham. And now the "rotpunkt" by Christian on 14/05, after 6 days of effort this year and various attempts over the last two years.

As Christian says: "Action is without a doubt unique, a "cult" route. no other route will ever reach this level of importance and this holds ture for me too... my ascent of Aktion is something very special in my climbing career. Quite simply unique."

Congratulations and see you soon at Imst, with the start of the World Cup...

Il Curriculum di Christian Bindhammer
01. Bronx 8c+ (Orgon/F) 1996
02. La Connexion 8c+ (Orgon/F) 1996
03. Ultimate Power Sacrifice 8c+ (Deverse Satanique /Gorges d' Loup/Nice) 1998
04. La Cote d' Obscure 8c+ (Jurassic Park/Gorges d' Loup/Nice) 1998
05. Noia 8c+ (Andonno/I) 1998
06. Alien Carnage 8c+/9a (Castillon/Nice /F) 1999
07. Vitamania 8c+/9a (Annot/F) 1999
08. L' Avaro 8c+/9a (Tetto Sarre/ I) 1999
09. Reini´s Vibes 8c/c+ (Massone/I) 1999
10. Asai 8c+ (Deverse Satanique/Gorges du Loup/ Nice/F) 2000
The Big Mother 8c+ (Erto/I) 2001
12. Superplafond 8c+ (Volx/F) 2001
Shangri-la 8c+ (Frankenjura/D) 2001
14. Speed 8c+ (Voralpsee/CH) 2001
15. Honky Mix (Onati/ESP) 2001
16. Konec Mira 8c/c+ (Osp/SLO) 2002
Andiamo 8c+ (Rottachberg/D) 2002
18. Gambit 8c/c+ (Schleier Wasserfall/A) 2002
Underground 9a (Massone/I) 2002
Ground Zero 9a (Tetto Sarre/I) 2002
21. Zauberfee 8c+ (Arco/I)/ 2003
22. Action Directe (Frankenjura/D) 2003

Christian Bindhammer repeating Action Directe 9a, Frankenjura
photo Wolfgang Ehn
Aktion Directe XI (9a)
Frankenjura, Germany
Wolfgang Güllich 14/09/1991

Alexander Adler (Ger) 1995
Iker Pou (Spa) 2000
Dave Graham (Usa) 2001
Christian Bindhammer (Ger) 2003

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