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Adam Ondra making the first ascent of Marina 8c/c+ at Bronx, Sardinia
Photo by Giovanna Falconi
Adam Ondra making the first ascent of Campo con Corvi 9a at Bronx, Sardinia.
Photo by Fabrizio Dessì
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Adam Ondra, Hotel Supramonte, Sardinia and the climbing game


Adam Ondra and his holidays in Sardinia, where he managed the first ever on-sight of "Hotel Supramonte" before making the first ascent of "Campo con corvi" 9a at Bronx.

Adam Ondrà olé. Wherever the young climbing magician goes, he leaves his mark. On his recent trip to Sardinia the Czech strolled away with the much sought-after first ever on-sight of the 400m classic Hotel Supramonte and, unsurprisingly, climbed outstandingly at various crags. Ondra freed a Simone Sarti project at a crag called Bronx, needing two days on "Campo con corvi" to produce Sardinia's first ever 9a. On a roll, he also made the first ascents of nearby Marina 8c/c+, Oltretomba 8c, War 8b... in just a couple of attempts.

We could say that these pitches were climbed in nigh impossible conditions (read terrible humidity). We could talk about the incredible ease with which Ondra rambled through the most famous Hotel in the Gole di Gorropu and possibly Sardinia. We could also add that all of this is old news, since he's currently in France and has made short work of PuntX at the Gorges Du Loup. And we could state once again that this climber seems to have no limits, like so many other of these young climbers who have opted for a futuristic, "totalising" climbing. But this time we'd prefer to recount a different story, or rather, see things from a different point of view: that of pure fun for this vertical game.

We want to talk about the fun Adam has when climbing and his natural (in all senses) "lightness". We feel this is the most beautiful aspect which goes well beyond the extraordinary performances which will continue to amaze us in the future. Why all of this? Because, like you, we believe that climbing should be first and foremost pure passion and fun. But also because we saw the photos and read the short text which Bronx local Matteo Calledda sent us.

“At the start of September I received an email, which more or less said: Hi, I'm Adam, do you remember me? I'm coming to Sardinia for circa 10 days, could you accompany me to the crag you had talked to me about?" Things developed from there, at the start of September Adam had planned to spend just three days at the Bronx, but since he managed to on-sight Hotel Supramonte immediately, he returned for a further three days to finish where he'd left off. "

Calledda continues:” Being with Adam was a beautiful experience and making a simple list of the climbs he freed simply doesn't do justice to the young boy who, apart from being the future of this sport, is above all a nice person who, often, proves a maturity which goes well beyond his 15 years of age- He's always kind to all, polite, speaks to all who want to chat with him. He'd never, never dream of being like someone famous, someone above the rest, someone who arrives at the crag and doesn't even say hello because he's a top climber."

There's not much more to add apart from our hope that Adam - and all other climbers - continue in this manner. That they continue to dream (and fuel our dreams) with their fun climbing game!





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