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Photo by SanVito Climbing Festival
The new crag Il Castello at San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily
Photo by SanVito Climbing Festival
Dawn at San Vito lo Capo
Photo by Marco Spataro
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SanVito Climbing Festival - Outdoor Games 2014


From 15 to 18 May 2014, the fourth edition of the San Vito Climbing Festival & Outdoors Games.

Registration is now open for the SanVito Climbing Festival, the international sport meeting of climbing, trail running, mountain biking and kayaking will take place in the beautiful tourist site of San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily.

1000 bolted sports climbs, the pearl of the Mediterranean still surprises ...

From the first route by the great Alessandro Gogna to the first 9a in southern Italy bolted and climbed by Adam Ondra. Over thirty years of vertical stories for this beautiful location, with marina and mountain double capacity, which has since seen a number of changes and it doesn’t seem to stop this growth.

More than forty areas with about a thousand sport climbing routes, dozens of multi-pitch routes, modern and trad. A lot of areas still to be discovered. And the climbers from all over Europe, they know it. In recent months alone about two hundred new pitches have been bolted, by Austrian,German and English climbers and mountain Italian guides. Just as importantly, especially for those who live in the area for years and it is the moral guardian, in this winter, work began for the older routes needed a restyling or improvement. Special attention therefore, by those who work in the area, also for the safety of customer.

Thanks to the project Book for Bolt, created and supported by Versante Sud, with the contribution of the Municipality, the association of tour operators and main camp site of San Vito, El Bahira and La Pineta, work began for re-bolting, by Rocks of Sicily Association in collaboration with the new San Vito Climbing Center YMCA, already become the true meeting point for climbers in the small town. All this evidence of the attention paid to the climber’s safety.

The growing interest in this climbing area, brought the international spotlight thanks to the Festival in 2014 reached the sixth edition, is evidenced by the large number of climbers every year come to Sicily. Many climbers, “pro” and simple amateur, famous faces and strangers, who voluntarily give their time, effort and money to continue to give new routes and with a great desire to climb. Sicilian and Italian climbers, next to German, Austrian, British, Swiss, Slovaks, just to mention a few countries, all drawn from this fact that has achieved success in a few years as one of the top destinations in all of Europe.

San Vito lo Capo is indeed a paradise for those climbers who, in addition to the desire of good rock and spectacular routes, they also want clean sea water, good food and sunshine.
An ideal place for families with many leisure opportunities for children. In fact there are a lot of possibility of pleasant hiking, trekking or mountain biking tour in areas and natural reserves.

In addition, there is a factor that returns the clear sensation of this great interest. Only for the district of San Vito Lo Capo, in addition to more substantial section of the guide "The rock in the sun" - Climbing in Sicily, were made three other guides, published by three different publishers. What other places in Italy, as well as Arc or Finale Ligure, have attracted so much interest?

In this context includes the most important event of the year, the San Vito Climbing Festival & Outdoors Games, which has attracted the attention of top experts and companies also organizing a series of side events have become an attraction for fans outdoor sports. This is the context where is included the most important event of the year, the San Vito Climbing Festival & Outdoors Games, which has been able to attract the attention of the top experts and companies of the sector also organizing a series of side events have become an attraction for outdoor sports fans. No less important are film festivals, thematic conferences and meetings with special guests. Special attention has been paid and will be increased in relation to children and young people, with competitions and activities dedicated to them.

A nice agonistic atmosphere but at the same time friendy and goliardic, with the chance to admire and then confront or compete with big climber. An opportunity to exchange experiences and to see the birth friendships otherwise unlikely. The collaboration between the of Sicily Rocks Association organizer of the festival, and the City of San Vito lo Capo, which is renewed from year to year, involving a large part of the local tour operators, all committed to make a important contribution.

Appointment May from 15 to 18 then, with the new edition of one of the most exciting festivals of the Mediterranean.

by Massimo Cappuccio

INFO: sanvitoclimbingfestival.it


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