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arrowSilvio Reffo frees L'attimo 9a at Covolo

Silvio Reffo freeing L'attimo 9a at the crag Covolo in Northern Italy.
Photo by Giovanna De Vicari
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Silvio Reffo frees L'attimo 9a at Covolo

14.06.2012 by Planetmountain

On 13/06/2012 the Italian climber Silvio Reffo made the first ascent of L'attimo 9a at the crag Covolo.

The 9a grade has finally hit the Covolo, the beautiful and difficult crag hidden away amongst the folds of the Vicenza hills thanks to an unstoppable Silvio Reffo who managed to free L'attimo – the moment – yesterday afternoon.

The new route currently checks in as the hardest at this crag “invented” by the tireless Marco Savio and it connects two existing lines, Nagay and Tentacoli, both 8c and both freed by another super local climber (as well as being 199 Climbing World Champion) Dino Lagni.

Reffo had noticed the possible connection last year and had immediately placed a bolt and tried the moves, but the moment wasn't right. And then, apart from his physical form, finding the right conditions this blustery spring proved arduous. “If it's too cold the holds are so small you simply can't feel your finger” Reffo explained “and if it's too hot they're impossible to stick. And the crag seeps so often they remain wet for a while.”

Reffo sent the route yesterday after circa 20 attempts in total. “I'm really happy, it's a dream come true at my local crag. The route is right up my street, great power resistance for strong fingers, it's intense, like competition routes.” Talking of which, Reffo recounts “I'm currently preparing for the Lead World Cup in Chamonix and Briançon, and also the Climbing World Championship in Paris in September. I also hope to check out some crags in France's Briançonnais where I have a couple of projects, but in the meantime I'm concentrating on finishing my degree to become a physiotherapist.”

For the record, L'attimo is the 21-year-old's first 9a and comes after five 8c+ redpoints.

Silvio Reffo thanks: La Sportiva, Mammut, C-lover

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