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Via Alpina is a European touring itinerary that starts from Trieste and reaches the Principality of Monaco, by crossing the entire Alpine arc and touching eight countries (Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany, Switzerland, France, Principality of Monaco).
Photo by Via Alpina

Photo by Planetmountain.com
All the Alps just a click away
Photo by Via Alpina
All the Alps just a click away
Photo by Planetmountain.com
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All the Alps just a click away


The new version of the Via Alpina website is online, with a community area

The new version of the portal www.via-alpina.org is online; it is an international website in 5 languages (Italian, French, German, Slovenian and English) containing a great deal of information and ideas for touring the Alps.

Via Alpina is a European touring itinerary that starts from Trieste and reaches the Principality of Monaco, by crossing the entire Alpine arc and touching eight countries (Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany, Switzerland, France, Principality of Monaco). 5 different thematic itineraries, over 5 thousand km of paths uniformly signalled, with 338 daily stops that everybody can walk through, to leisurely discover, by respecting the environment, the treasures of nature, history, culture and tradition of the Alps. 40 natural parks and the most beautiful mountain landscape in the world, the biggest natural gym of Europe where one can play sports while being immersed in nature or relax and discover the traditional alpine hospitality.

For each of the three hundred and more stops, you will find in the website www.via-alpina.org a technical sheet with routes and satellite maps, differences in altitude, the description of the path, map references, places where to make a stop and any interesting things along the path. Thanks to this website, you will be able to plan your stay in the Alps, be it a simple one-day trip or longer hiking tours. The website potentially offers tours for an entire year, travelling one stop a day.
The website also includes several ideas for tourists to know more about not only the routes and the interesting parts of a path, but also about accommodation, activities and services (from alpine to naturalistic guides, from sports instructors to equipment rental, etc.) as well as a rich selection of complete tourist packages for those who wish to rely on the organization of a tour operator for their vacation in the Alps.
All tour operators who take part in Via Alpina conform to a Service Charter, according to which they commit to offer quality services, with respect for nature and local cultures as the centre of their attention, as well as giving a warm, competent welcome to those who walk in the mountains. Through this website, it is now also possible for the tour operators to conform to the Service Charter and add new offers.

In the name of the ever-popular Internet 2.0, or rather the web whose contents are created and shared by the users themselves, a community platform has been developed in this website for blogs of enthusiasts and professionals in the field, as well as pictures, forums, materials and reviews, and events related to the mountains.
A rich photo gallery is available, with beautiful pictures of the Alps that can be used as desktop backgrounds, as well as the section "Travel companions" to find people with whom you can share your trip. Online you will also find videos made by excursionists who wanted to share their own experiences on the Via Alpina. In the community you can add reviews on trips, accommodation facilities, tour guides or holidays in the Alps. Another section will be for users to exchange maps (on paper, GPS or other formats) and there will be a download area, where software useful to excursionists can be exchanged and downloaded.
The Via Alpina community aims to become an important meeting place for alpine touring, where everyone can bring their own contribution (pictures or videos of their own trip or holiday with interesting comments, materials and documents), while exchanging opinions and information and comparing with the experts.

The present activity of communication and press office, care of Chintana srl is part of the Progetto Interregionale Alpi Estive (Summer Alps Interregional Project), in which the following regions/provinces are participating: Autonomous Province of Bolzano (leader), Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto, Lombardia, Piemonte, Autonomous Region Valle d'Aosta.
The Via Alpina website is created by Duemetri sas and the community section by Altéa GIE, in the context of activities of the Progetto Interreg Viadventure that had as partners Region Piemonte (leader), Province of Imperia, Autonomous Region Valle d'Aosta, Region Lombardia, Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano, Province of Belluno and autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia.

INFO: Chintana srl - info.alpiestive2008@chintana.it





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