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Cima Piccola di Putia: new ski descent down the North Face by Simon Kehrer, Roberto Tasser and Ivan Canins
Photo by archivio Simon Kehrer
Cima Piccola di Putia: new ski descent down the North Face by Simon Kehrer, Roberto Tasser and Ivan Canins
Photo by archivio Simon Kehrer
Cima Piccola di Putia: new ski descent down the North Face by Simon Kehrer, Roberto Tasser and Ivan Canins
Photo by archivio Simon Kehrer
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Peitlerkofel, new ski descent by Simon Kehrer, Roberto Tasser and Ivan Canins


On 04/05/2014 Simon Kehrer, Roberto Tasser and Ivan Canins skied a new line down the North Face of Peitlerkofel's Cima Piccola in the Italian Dolomites. The report by Franco Mucchietto.

After having opened new descents down the NNE Face of Sas de Crosta (Monte Pares) and the NNE Face of Sas dle Diesc (Sasso delle Dieci) as mentioned last week, here's the third and "final white joy" with Simon Kehrer who skied a new line down the North Face of Cima Piccola di Putia on Sunday 4 May together with Roberto Tasser and Ivan Canin. As his friend Franco Mucchietto reports, the recent descent within the splendid Puez-Geisler Nature Park marks the end to the endless splendid spring skiing season in the Dolomites... perhaps!


by Franco Mucchietto

Sass de Putia is a fascinating mountain, highly popular in summer amongst walkers and and some climbers, attracted to its North Face that hosts a series of routes that include one put up by Messner... In winter this is a beautiful outing, too, but the slope angle mustn't be underestimated. Some descents such as the East Face and the North Gully attract steep skiers and, thanks to excellent spring snow conditions, the North Face now has a new line.

In winter from the Würzjoch pass from the Villnöß valley is closed and the peak can only be reached from Val Badia. While on a family outing Simon noticed that a line of descent from the summit of Cima Piccola had come into excellent condition.

Roberto and Ivan were immediately taken in by the idea and this, they all felt, would be an ideal way to end the winter season in style. The trio set off early in the morning from the Würzjoch pass close to the Refuge Ütia de Börz (2003m) and skinned along alpine meadows and then up the North gully that splits Peitlerkofel's main summit from the Cima Piccola. At the col they ditched their rucksacks, skis and gear and continued up the via ferrata to reach the main summit at 2875m. The splendid views made the effort worthwhile: the Ortles and Pala Bianca to the west, followed by the Aurine Alps,Vedrette di Ries, Grossglockner, Sella, Marmolada and more still.

Before returning down the ferrata to the col they carefully checked the line of ascent down the ridge. From the col they made their way up to the top of Cima Piccola at 2813m.

The descent started on the lefthand side, facing the valley, down the North Face, coasting beneath fearsome icy cornices. The snow was excellent and slightly powdery and they reached a wide open
slope that in turn led to gully blocked by a 2-3m rock barrier that blocked the view further down.

The trio established a belay on a spike and abseiled 60m, where they placed another peg and thread before making another 20/25m abseil. They continued their descent with utmost care to avoid costly mistakes and then headed down, rightwards, towards the excitingly steep slope to join up with the North Gully. After the adrenaline rush they then skied through the last sections of the gully to then enjoy the finishing slopes and return to Würzjoch.

Mountain: Peitlerkofel / Sass de Putia, located in Puez - Geisler (Puez – Odle) Nature Park .
Alpinists: Simon Kehrer, Roberto Tasser and Ivan Canins.
Date: 04/05/2014
North Face of Cima Piccola di Putia.
Length: 550m + 270m to Würzjoch / Passo delle Erbe.
Slope angle: 45° - 60°.
Grade: 5.5 / AD / E4.

Thanks: particular thanks to our families for their support, and thanks of course to Vaude, Edelrid and Scarpa for the technical support.





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