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The 10th Melloblocco will take place from 26 April to 5 May 2013 in Valmasino - Val di Mello, Italy. This is the world's most important international bouldering meeting.
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Melloblocco Special 2013: 10 years for 10 free climbing days in Val di Mello


The 10th Melloblocco will take place from 26 April to 5 May 2013 in Valmasino - Val di Mello, Italy. This is the world's most important international bouldering meeting.

It's called Nabucco, comes from Africa and (so they say) this weekend it'll hail the start of summer. So it's time to go climbing! By the way ... have you already signed up for Melloblocco? We don't want to explain why you should or why you should sit back and consider it. There's no point repeating that this is a unique occasion to go climbing in Val di Mello: say the word Mello and you know what you're in for. Those who regularly take part in this great international bouldering meeting know this all too well.

For those few who have not yet set foot in the valley, and/or been to the Melloblocco, we strongly recommend you don't miss out on this opportunity. The boulders, rock faces, climbing, granite and lush green valley meadows (as well as the perfect company) have never disappointed anyone. And then of course, this year there's also something more... there's a special program to celebrate the 10th anniversary. Melloblocco 2013 will last 10 days and offer climbing (plenty), parties and music (countless) and events (unique). And then of course all the imagination that a healthy group of (free) climbers can provide.

The program of the special Melloblocco number 10 is very simple. From 26 April to 5 May - coincidentally for 10 days exactly - Melloblocco and Val di Mello opens the doors for what promises to be a massive event for climbing, bouldering but also for Val di Mello and its natural treasures. The instructions are minimal: arrive when you want, stay for as long as you want, climb until you are tired (on the boulders but also on the routes)... and then meet up with others, listen to music, party. All of this for 10 days which everyone can organise as they wish. By the way, check out the calendar for the special "holidays" this year: a unique opportunity to do 8-10 days of climbing.

In short it's the "usual" fun Melloblocco - just a little longer and more relaxed, to be experienced more slowly and all together. A Melloblocco that, once again, is only limited by the respect for this valley and its nature. As always some of the world's best climbers will be there. They'll try their luck on stack loads of new boulder problems, some of which form part of the competition circuit (the award-winning team of Simone Pedeferri & Co is already hard at work). And then of course there's the music. And the special events... Such as the book presentation to celebrate the first 10 years of Melloblocco. Patabang will be screened for the first time, the film by Andrea Frigerio that analyses the exciting history (and counter-history) of the "valley climbing revolution" told by Jacopo Merizzi and Paolo Masa. And there'll also be a "special climbing at the theater" with Marzio Nardi who will perform his Ghiaia, a climbing story supported bylive music. So goodbye for now and see you in Val di Mello!

The entire program on www.melloblocco.it (use this chance to pre-register!)

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02/05/2013 - Become a bone marrow donor at Melloblocco
01/05/2013 - Melloblocco 2013: day six, 1st of May, sun, clouds and climbing
30/04/2013 - Melloblocco 2013, today the special evening dedicated to Valle di Mello
29/04/2013 - Melloblocco 2013: day four, a bit of everything
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27/04/2013 - Melloblocco 2013: sparks of imagination during day 1
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23/04/2013 - Melloblocco Backstage, an exhibition documenting the birth of the boulder problems

22/04/2013 - Melloblocco 2013, more than just bouldering with the Lombardy Mountain Guides
12/04/2013 - Melloblocco Special 2013: 10 years for 10 free climbing days in Val di Mello





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