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Photo contest: first prize "I spy you" by Andrea Aiello
Photo by Andrea Aiello
Photo contest: second prize, "Saturday-Highball" by Alexander Flatz
Photo by Alexander Flatz
Photo contest: third prize, "No fear" by Dario Ballabio
Photo by Dario Ballabio
Photo contest: special mention to "Salto nel blu" by Andrea Aiello
Photo by Andrea Aiello

Melloblocco 2014: the winner of the video and photo contest


The Melloblocco 2014 video contest was won by Alexander Flatz for his "Live-View", while the photo contest was won by Andrea Aiello for his photo "Ti spio".

a href="http://www.planetmountain.com/english/News/shownews1.lasso?l=2&keyid=41774">Slowly but surely the curtains slowly fall onto Melloblocco but the magic of Val di Mello and Val Masino is still intact, and in climbing gyms, among friends and online on the various social networks there's still plenty of talk about this long weekend. Now, a week after the world's biggest climbing meeting, the winners of the video and photo competition hav been announced.

The DOC jury awarded the first prize to "Live-View" filmed by Austria's Alexander Flatz for "his choice of filming different"live" moments of Melloblocco, from the point of view of an external eye, with original sounds". Second prize went to "This is Melloblocco" by Michele Guarneri, for its"photographic" narration of Melloblocco from different points of view and the rhythm conveyed to the video by the music. while third prize went to "Gabriele Moroni "Trudi" … Teleguidato ?!?" by Alessandro Spiniello, for"showing the sense of sharing among top athletes." Three special mentions were awarded to videos that stood out for their originality:"Punti di Vista" (Points of view) by Pietro Mercuriali,"First time" by Luca De Angelis and"Niente è impossibile al MelloBlocco..." (Nothing is impossible at Melloblocco) by Alessandro Spiniello

The photo competition was won by Andrea Aiello's image"Ti spio" (I am spying you) by Andrea Aiello for his"hidden" point of view and the dynamism in the picture. With his"well-executed classic" called"Saturday-Highball" Alexander Flatz took second place, while third place went to"Nessun timore" (No fear) by Dario Ballabio;"an athlete climbing in a sea of rock: an icon of Melloblocco." The three special mentions went to"Salto nel blu" (Jump in the Blue) by Andrea Aiello,"Ray of Climb" by Alessandra Cristalli and"Struggente passione" (Consuming Passion) by Dario Ballabio.

All winners will receive prizes provided by the sponsors Marmot, Montura, Wild Climb, La Sportiva, Cassin and adidas. While the winning videos are embedded below, the winning photos can be browsed as usual in the portfolio on the left.

First prize - "Live-View" by Alexander Flatz

Second prize - "This is Melloblocco" by Michele Guarneri

Third prize - "Gabriele Moroni "Trudi"... Teleguidato?!?" by Alessandro Spiniello

Special mention - "Punti di Vista" by Pietro Mercuriali

Special mention - "First time" by Luca De Angelis

Special mention - "Niente è impossibile al MelloBlocco…" by Alessandro Spiniello

JURY 2014
Klaus Dell’Orto (official photographer Melloblocco)
Pietro Bagnara (official photographer Melloblocco)
Michele Caminati (official video-maker Melloblocco)
Michele Comi (Organisiing committee Melloblocco)
Stefano Scetti (Organisiing committee Melloblocco)
Nicoletta Costi (Comunication Melloblocco)
Vinicio Stefanello (Planetmountain.com)
Jury President: Michele Caminati (video) Michele Comi (photo)

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