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Ski mountaineering World Cup 2012: Burgada and Roux win in Andorra
Photo by ISMF
Ski mountaineering World Cup 2012: Burgada and Roux win in Andorra
Photo by ISMF

Ski mountaineering World Cup 2012: Burgada and Roux win in Andorra


In Andorra history repeated itself yesterday. The first stage of the Ski mountaineering World Cup 2012 was won once again by Kilian Jornet Burgada and Laetitia Roux.

The first World Cup race ended on a sweet note for the Spaniard Jornet and the French Laetitia Roux. In the women’s competition, Roux competed more against clock than against her friend and closest rival Mirò. Gloriana Pellissier immediately let the two opponents steer clear with the leading group, and tried to fend off the pressure from Swiss Marie Troillet.

The men’s race proved quite the opposite and was exciting and tense and. Four athletes, one Spaniard and three Italians, namely Kilian Jornet Burgada, Matteo Eydallin, Manfred Reichegger and Lorenzo Holzeknecht, staged a dramatic race with continuous changes at the lead at a breath-taking pace. The individual race, which took place Arcalis ski resort, was designed to unwind entirely away from the slopes. It was comprised of 5 ascents and just as many descents, with a total height difference of 1580 metres. At the third ascent the organisers had included two stretches where the competitors had to take their skis off and race with crampons.

Michele Boscacci found himself in the lead at the end of the first ascent, chased by Jornet Burgada, Holzeknecht and Reichegger; the Swiss Martin Anthamatten and Matteo Eydallin followed slightly further behind. At the switchpoint Kilian made a perfect change and took the lead. During the descent the pack was tight-knit but at the base of the first section to be ascended on foot Reichegger took the initiative and led the pack uphill. During the technical section that followed it was Mateo Eydallin who switched positions with his teammate, while during the ascent the Italians held the first three positions and raced towards the switchpoint for the third ascent. Kilian exited out of the switchpoint ten meters shy of the leaders but immediately caught up with pack and, as soon as he had recovered from the effort, the Spaniard stepped onto the accelerator and sped ahead, gaining at 10 second lead at the end of the penultimate ascent. The descent was adrenaline-packed; when the four athletes arrived at the skin change they were still packed close together, but Kilian sprinted away first and paved the way to victory. Reichegger gave in and left Eydallin and Holzeknecht to battle for second place. Kilian made it to the change alone and rushed to the finish line. The two Italians were still together, though Eydallin made the most of the descent, skied like no one else can and took second place. Lorenzo Holzeknecht won the bronze and Reichegger finished fourth. Anthamatten from Switzerland finished fifth and Michele Boscacci sixth. Kilian crossed the finish line after 1.27.02, 25 seconds ahead of Eydallin.

With regards to the women’s race Laetitia Roux, racing on a shorter, 1,350-meter height difference track, won in 1.25.03. The Spaniard Mireia Mirò confirmed her second place before the Italian Pellissier. The women’s race track was also used for the male Junior athletes, while the femaile Juniors and Cadets faced a track measuring only a thousand metres. Ina Forchthammer and Aleix Domenech Guix won for their respective Cadet events, while German ace Anton Palzer and Jennifer Fiechter dominated the Junior challenges. Among the Espoir, Michele Boscacci won first place, followed by Robert Antonioli and Matheo Jacquemoud.

Men’s ranking
1. Kilian Jornet Burgada (ESP), 1.27.02; 2. Matteo Eydallin (ITA), 1.27.27; 3. Lorenzo Holzeknecht (ITA), 1.27.48; 4. Manfred Reichegger (ITA), 1.28.11; 5. Martin Anthamatten (CH), 1.29.57; 6. Michele Boscacci (ITA), 1.29.58.
Women’s ranking
1. Laetitia Roux (FR), 1.25.03; 2. Mireia Mirò Varela (ESP) 1.31.03; 3. Gloriana Pellissier (IT), 1.33.51; 4. Marie Troillet (CH), 1.36.11. 5. Michaela Essl (AT), 1.39.42.
Cadet F
1. Ina Forchthammer (AT), 1.26.01; 2. Giulia Compagnoni (ITA) 1.27.30; 3. Laura Balet Caixach (ESP), 1.33.27.
Cadet M
1. Aleix Domenech Guix (ESP), 1.05.35; 2. Thomas Corthay (CH), 1.06.16; 3. Dominik Sadlo (CZ), 1.06.50.
Junior M
1. Anton Palzer (DE), 1.19.25; 2. Luca Faifer (ITA), 1.24.07; 3. Federico Nicolini (ITA), 1.25.06.
Junior F
1. Jennifer Fiechter (CH), 1.14.03; 2. Marta Garcia Farres (ESP), 1.21.11; 3. Alessandra Cazzanelli (ITA), 1.25.38.
Espoir F
1. Martina Valmassoi (ITA), 1.45.44; 2. Elisa Compagnoni (ITA), 1.49.21; 3. Nalia Jornet (ESP), 1.54.58.
Espoir M
1. Michele Boscacci (ITA), 1.29.58; 2. Robert Antonioli (ITA), 1.31.32; 3. Matheo Jacquemoud 1.31.34.

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