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The men's podium of the fourth stage of the Ice Climbing World Cup 2014 at Champagny en Vanoise. From left to right: HeeYong Park, Nikolay Kuzovlev, Maxim Tomilov, Alexey Tomilov, Radomir Proshchenko, Janez Svoljšak, Valentyn Sypavin and Yevgen Kryvosheytsev
Photo by Marco Servalli
The women's podium of the fourth stage of the Ice Climbing World Cup 2014 at Champagny en Vanoise. From left to right: Maryam Filippova, Maria Tolokonina, Angelika Rainer, HanNaRai Song and Petra Klingler
Photo by Marco Servalli
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Ice Climbing World Cup 2014: Kuzovlev and Tolokonina win at Champagny en Vanoise. The Italian stage at Rabenstein has been cancelled.


Last weekend at Champagny en Vanoise in France Nikolay Kuzovlev and Maria Tolokonina won the fourth stage of the Ice Climbing World Cup 2014. The next stage, scheduled to take place at Rabenstein in Val Passiria (Italy) has been cancelled due to the high risk of avalanches following unprecedented snowfall.

Champagny en Vanoise in France hosted the 4th stage of the Ice Climbing World Cup last weekend and this resulted in a first-ever victory for Russia's Nikolay Kuzovlev and a second victory this season for his teammate Maria Tolokonina; Angelika Rainer placed third.

The ice structure at Champagny en Vanoise, located just a few kilometers from Albertville, is an imposing tower with an immense amount of ice, at times overhanging even, that remains in good condition thanks to the altitude and the fact that it receives little sun.

The Men's Final went to the wire and resulted in Nikolay Kuzovlev's first career as he sped to the top, beating Korea's Park Heeyong and his Russian teammate Maxim Tomilov. The route was both long and complex as it crossed the entire overhanging French ice structure, nevertheless five finalists managed to top out. Italy's Mauro Dorigatti placed 20th.

The Women's Final resulted in a fourth podium position in four competitions for
Italy's Angelika Rainer who finished her run third, behind the two Russians Maria Tolokonina and Mariam Filippova. Barbara Zwerger from Italy placed 11th.

The Russians Vladimir Kartashev and Julia Oleynikova won their respective duels in the finals of the Speed event.

by Marco Servalli

Lead Men

1 Nikolay Kuzovlev RUS TOP(5.51)
2 HeeYong Park KOR TOP(6.2)
3 Maxim Tomilov RUS TOP(7.12)
4 Alexey Tomilov RUS TOP(7.28)
5 Radomir Proshchenko RUS TOP(7.54)
6 Janez Svoljšak SLO 22.22
7 Valentyn Sypavin UKR 20.19
8 Yevgen Kryvosheytsev UKR 18181

Lead Women
1 Maria Tolokonina RUS TOP(6.32)
2 Maryam Filippova RUS TOP(7.33)
3 Angelika Rainer ITA TOP(7.48)
4 HanNaRai Song KOR TOP(7.51)
5 Petra Klingler SUI 16.23
6 Nadezhda Gallyamova RUS 15.23
7 Stéphanie Maureau FRA 15.22
8 WoonSeon Shin KOR 4.04

Speed Men
1 Vladimir Kartashev RUS
2 Pavel Gulyaev RUS
3 Vlad Golub RUS
4 Nikolay Shved RUS

Speed Women
1 Julia Oleynikova RUS
3 Ekaterina Feoktistova RUS
3 Maria Tolokonina RUS
4 Maryam Fillipova RUS

NB: Rabenstein - Corvara/Val Passiria, Italy 4 February 2014 – Due to the constan avalanche danger, which has now risen to 4, and the bad weather that has been forecast for next weekend, the organisers have been forced to cancel the Ice Climbing World Cup scheduled to take place at Rabenstein in Val Passiria, Italy.





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