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Niccolò Ceria sending Entlinge in Murgtal, Switzerland
Photo by archivio Ceria
Niccolò Ceria sending L'ombre du vent in Murgtal, Switzerland
Photo by archivio Ceria
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Nicolò Ceria sends Entlinge in Murgtal


On 14/10/2012 Nicolò Ceria repeated the boulder problems Entlinge 8B+ and L'ombre du vent 8B in Switzerland's Murgtal.

Nicolò Ceria has sent Entlinge, the 8B+ boulder problem freed in 2005 by Fred Nicole in the beautiful Murgtal valley in Switzerland which made headline news in Novembre 2011 when Daniel Woods sent it straight off, succeeding in what is one of the hardest flashes to date. Last Sunday the 19-year-old Italian made short work of the line and he has sent us the following report:

"Murgtal is located close to Lake Walan in NE Switzerland. The area is split into various sectors, the rock is Verrucano quartz and while some boulders are less good, others are true gems. Entlinge is certainly the most famous problem here with its characteristic double toe hook. It's 65° steep with some fantastic holds and the six-move sequence is physical and great to climb.

I tried the problem for the first time in September and in a session I worked the moves and felt strong as it suits my style of climbing. But I knew that putting the six moves together would require more than just a day... So I returned on 14 october and after an hour I worked out an important foot sequence, the only thing I hadn't figured out previously and so I set to work seriously and managed to send the problem! Climbing something so pure, particular and beautiful was really satisfying and, grade apart, I was really happy to have managed to link those six stupendous moves.

That afternoon I sent another beautiful Fred Nicole problem called "L'ombre du vent".e L'ombre is a beautiful shield of rock with a series of discreet crimps... really worth climbing!"


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