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Photo by Klaus Dell'Orto
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Photo by Gianluca Bosetti
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Melloblocco 2013: day six, 1st of May, sun, clouds and climbing


01/05/2013. Plenty of new arrivals, rock climbing and boulders sent by everyone in Val Masino. The fun even included baby climbing, a boulder contest with the Lombardy Mountain Guides and Melloclip, the competition for the best photos and videos taken by the Melloblockers who continue to reach the Valley from all over the world.

A day marked by sun and clouds here in Val Masino. And plenty of new arrivals. Countless boulders were sent. Plenty of climbing was done by everyone and there was also a bundle of renewed energy. A passionate energy, highly reminiscent of the one we experienced during yesterday's special evening dedicated to the epic history of climbing and bouldering in Val di Mello. Applause. Excitement. Joy. The first viewing of "Patabang", the film by Andrea Frigerio screened last night in the packed theatre tent, was a huge success. Perhaps because, in the film and up on stage, incredible Paolo Masa, valley poet Jacopo Merizzi and climber/artist Simone Pedeferri managed to share their love for the heart of this valley. The same heart that the Melloblockers discover day after day, even during this 10th Melloblocco.

And so during this 1st of May the exploration of the rocky valley problems continued. And the results poured in quickly. Starting early, thanks to a determined Stefano Ghisolfi who, as soon as he arrived, quickly sent Maschio Dominante, then Nona dimensione naturale. A lightening-fast start copied by another new entry: Roberta Longo, who immediately sent Climb for Life, woman, followed closely by Martina Frigerio, Sara Morandi, Giovanna Pozzoli and local climber Alessandra Tognela. But there was more to come as another local, Matteo Sera, beamed with joy for having topped out on Nona dimensione naturale. And there was still time for something new: Russia's Yulia Abramchuck sent Africa and in doing so the former the Bouldering World Champion became the first woman to top out on this beautiful problem. Meanwhile, the "games" continued throughout the Valley... there was plenty of time and countless boulders for everyone to climb.

Talking about climbing and for everyone. The Lombardy Mountain Guides - responsible for the technical part of the event this year - spent the morning with children, making them play the game of climbing as well as offering indoor climbing lessons to improve climbing techniques and safety manoeuvres. In the afternoon they organised the boulder contest in the climbing gym, a competition open to all just like Melloclip, the special contest for the most beautiful images and video clips produced by the Melloblockers. In short, as always the key words at Mello were total participation and climbing!

An important moment of this Melloblocco, an edition which has become great thanks to all, takes place on Friday 3 and Saturday 4 May with "Climbing without limits". As the name suggests, this initiative promoted by the Region of Lombardy, CIP, F.A.S.I., ERSAF, aims at making the mountains accessible to all and a group of visually impaired, blind and disabled climbers will demonstrate that climbing isn't just a sport for everyone, but that these athletes belonging to the Milan Institute for the Blind and the Paraclimbing Sports Club can achieve extraordinary results. Of the various things on show, there is also the long-awaited "challenge" between Silvia Parente (Paraclimbing Blind World Champion and 4-times medallist in the World Championships) and Olympian athlete Antonio Rossi, the Lombardy Region sports minister, who will compete against each other on the climbing wall. It'll be a great match! And the Mountain Guides are currently preparing the rock face.

Video: Lombardy Mountain Guides: Indoor Clinics and climbing games during Melloblocco 2013

Video: Anna Borella on Climb for life woman

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