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Polish alpinist Pawel Dunaj
Photo by Karim Hayat / Mountain Expert Pakistan trekking tours
Nanga Parbat
Photo by Michała Dzikowskiego / nangadream.blogspot.com

Nanga Parbat: Pawel Dunaj and Michal Obrycki in hospital at Skardu


The two Polish alpinists Pawel Dunaj and Michal Obrycki, injured on 08/03/2014 after being swept down the Rupal Face on Nanga Parbat, have finally been taken to hospital at Skardu.

"The Poles are finally in hospital…" This is how Emilio Previtali starts his latest post, published a few hours ago, to confirm that five days after their accident high on Nanga Parbat Pawel Dunaj and Michal Obrycki have now reached the hospital at Skardu.

On Saturday the two Polish alpinists had set off on another attempt to climb Nanga Parbat in winter when, in the afternoon and at circa 5000m, they were hit by an avalanche that swept them down the mountain for circa 500m. Miraculously alive but nevertheless injured, Dunaj and Obrycki were subsequently rescued by the other expedition members Tomek Mackiewicz and Jacek Telerde, by the Pakistani cooks and by the local population that immediately helped the rescue operations. It is largely thanks to the local population that Dunaj and Obrycki are now safely in hospital; the helicopter that should have evacated them from Base Camp remained grounded due to bad weather and the injured alpinists were therefore carried on stretchers by a dozen men to Tarashing, the closest village, before continuing their journey to Skardu by jeep.

According to Previtali, Dunaj and Obrycki are "somewhat bruised and tired but in fine spirits" - Dunaj suffered broken ribs and arm, while Obrycki has a broken nose and an injured leg.

So the 2013/2014 winter season on Nanga Parbat now draws to a definitive end after having witnessed four expeditions unsuccessfully chase the dream of achieving the first winter ascent of its difficult 8125 metres. The Polish expedition attempted the Rupal Face along with the Italian - German expedition comprised of Simone Moro, David Göttler and Emilio Previtali, while the Diamir Face was attempted by Germany's Ralf Dujmovits and Poland's Dariusz "Darek" Zaluski, followed by the solo attempt carried out by Italy's Daniele Nardi. All were forced to abandon their attempts and fortunately all - it's worth underlining this point carefully - returned home. This, too, is an important success. So for them - and for all Himalayan mountaineers - the elusive dream of the first winter ascent of Nanga Parbat will continue to exert its irresistibile charm.


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