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By: Igor Simoni
Country: Spain, Region: Aragon, Town: Albarracin (Teruel)

You don't need to be a climber to fall in love with Albarracín. As its old medieval walls tumble down the hill to welcome you this small town in Spain's Aragon region will leave you speechless.

When you first start your journey for Albarracín you're obsessed with the magical shapes of the boulders but when you finally get there, the first thing you'll want to do is explore the town where every picturesque alley holds a surprise in store.

After your discovery a narrow road ascends slowly upwards for a few kilometres past a landscape that, in autumn, offers an intoxicating display of colours. The road then levels out and the first boulders immediately spring into view and as you continue driving there are lines to the left and right that you'd like to try right away.

Holding back the urge to put on your climbing shoes and open the crash pad you finally reach the parking lot, a convenient starting point that, especially at weekends, is filled with climbers and also groups of tourists who wander among the rocks in search of prehistoric cave at that primitive man painted on these boulders – they too must have been fascinated by the beauty of the place!

Albarracin has about fifteen different climbing areas but the potential for problems that haven't yet been climbed, cleaned or simply forgotten about is enormous and the most popular guidebook (Roker) contains only a small selection of the bouldering at Albarracín.

There are problems of all grades, shapes and sizes; the climbing is often very physical even if there are the odd tricky mantle finishes and problems that require a delicate touch. The red sandstone has been eroded over time, is never too rough and offers a myriad of different types of holds making the climbing here always unpredictable.

The main areas Techos, Arrastradero and Peninsula are true bouldering playgrounds and choosing which problems to climb is not easy because they all have their own individual characteristics. These areas are reached via 15-20 minute walk, while the closest sectors are located only a few meters from the car park. In short, you'll have plenty of fun!


Albarracin is located circa 270 km to the east of Madrid. From the capital take the A2 towards Zaragoza, then continue along the N-211. At El Pobo de Duenas turn right and continue to Albarracin. Alternatively, from Madrid take the A40 east to the beautiful town of Cuenca and after having stopped off (and climbed) there continue along the CM2105 for Albarracin. Alternatively, fly to Saragozza or Valencia and reach Teruel, the beautiful town 40km from Albarracin. From here continue n towards Gea de Albaraccin-Sierra de Albarracin.


The climbing is often very physical even if there are the odd tricky mantle finishes and problems that require a delicate tough.


Camping "Ciudad de Albarracin" offers comfortable bungalows for 4 people. Wild camping is strictly prohibited at Albarracin


Respect Albarracín
In the past there have been serious access problems at Albarracín becasue of disrespectful behaviour. To avoid the area being closed it is absolutely vital that all climbers respect the environment. For further information check out Escalada Sostentibile Albarracín.


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Autumn, winter and spring. From 15 January to 15 August some sectors are closed to allow birds to nest.




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