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La Famiglia Nicolini e lo staff del rifugio Pedrotti alla Tosa ricordano il 150° anniversario del primo passaggio dalla Bocca di Brenta effettuato da John Ball, con alcune guide alpine di Molveno, nell'estate del 1864.
Photo by archivio Famiglia Nicolini

Happy 150th Birthday Bocca di Brenta

28.07.2014 by Planetmountain

The video in which the Nicolini family, along with the staff of Rifugio Pedrotti alla Tosa, recall the 150th anniversary of the first traverse of the Bocca di Brenta made by John Ball, with some mountain guides Molveno, in the summer of 1864. A simple and sincere way of remembering and showing gratitude to these great mountain explorers.

In the summer of 1864 the mountains were still an unknown entity, unexplored lands, white holes in the maps. British walkers and explorers attempted to cross the Brenta Dolomites for the first time, from Molveno all the way to Madonna di Campiglio, and this signalled the start of exploratory alpinism in the Dolomites. John Ball in 1864, followed a few years later by Douglas William Freshfield and Francis Fox Tuckett, who set off to discover the central sections of the Brenta massif, signalled the start of alpinism in the Trentino region. Their findings, published in the Alpine Journal, and their penchant for discovery opened the door to enjoying the mountains for recreation and nature studies.

Franz Nicolini

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