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arrowThe Ragni di Lecco and the climbing in Southern Italy

Giovanna Pozzoli climbing at Positano
Photo by Pietro Bagnara
A new cliff at Palinuro
Photo by archivio Fabio Palma
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The Ragni di Lecco and the climbing in Southern Italy

10.12.2012 by Planetmountain

The Ragni di Lecco mountaineering club has decided to support the development of new cliffs in Southern Italy.

Everyone, at least once in their lives, will have been on holiday and gazed with amazed eyes at the sheer quantity of rock faces, cliffs and virgin caves which appear on the horizon. The thoughts of all climbers (in every corner of the earth) are just one... "Heaven sent!" Until here it's all in the norm. Far less normal though is the result of a climbing trip by Fabio Palma, Daniele Tavola, Luca Passini, Giovanna Pozzoli and Pietro Bagnara down to the Amalfi coast, in particular the cliffs around Positano.

The group of climbers, unrepentant and all except one members of the Ragni di Lecco mountaineering club, couldn't believe what they saw. Couldn't believe they'd laid eyes on such beauty. Incredulous for the 200+ climbs scattered across cliffs in the area, and also for the sheer number of rock faces and cliffs still waiting to be climbed. And, last but not least, gobsmacked by the famous Amalfi coastline... and enchanting corner of Italy at the start of spring (ideal time of year for climbing) which offered itself in its version "far from the madding crowd". In short, the area and its rock left such a mark that in his trip report Fabio Palma stated the following "well, were this to be another sport and the rock a player, an observer would exclaim excitedly "Mr, I've found the new Messi" (or Le Bron James, you name it)."

Well you might say, up to this point it's nothing special. Point taken, were things to have ended here. But instead, in mid-November, the Ragni di Lecco club decided to not only help out Carnati, Pedeferri, Spini and Vago in the Lario and Val Masino areas, but also to "to support the bolting of new climbing areas in Southern Italy which promise great potential."

Of course these beautiful areas in Southern Italy include the Amalfi Coast. But since the group has plenty of members (as mentioned they are unrepentant, ie they have the habit of climbing all over Italy and overseas) the gear has already arrived in the provinces of Siracusa, in Puglia's Valle delle Gravine and in Palinuro. Which means that these (truly exceptional) areas convinced them that "it's a duty to help those new routing in these areas, beautiful and very, very interesting from a climbing perspective. There are so many virgin rock faces that it'll take years and years to equip all the limestone we saw." The Ragni then concluded: "we hope other clubs or organisations will help develop these rock treasures." Yes, we hope this too and - it goes without saying - always fully respecting the environment.

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