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Photo by Michele Zaupa
Alvise at the belay of fessura Bonetti
Photo by Michele Zaupa
Alvise on Diretta at Baffelàn
Photo by Michele Zaupa
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For Alvise Ravazzolo

29.08.2012 by Michele Zaupa

In memoriam of Alvise Ravazzolo, an alpinist from Vicenza who died last Thursday aged 28 at the foot of Torre del Lago beneath the route “Pisoni-Stenico”, in the Fanis-Lagazuoi group, Dolomites.

Alvise was strong and improving rapidly thanks to his instinctive ability to read the moves and his unshakable mental strength in dealing with the psychological difficulties of a route. His positive outlook on life was unique, he was caring and understanding, delicately reserved and a fraternal friend, full of adventures and projects undertaking with disarming ability. His death leaves a void that simply cannot be filled.

Hi Alvi, how are you doing up there? I hope there's some climbing, actually I'm sure there is because you always chose where to go very carefully indeed... And I'm sure things won't be too different up there, you'll always wake up at 6.50 on the dot, do 20 Sun Salutations and prepare 3 moka pots of coffee... and then you'll examine some virgin rock faces and unearth some beautiful new lines for us.

That is how you climbed, guided by a child-like instinct and the determination of a man. You were the partner who allowed me to understand what it means to "tie-in" together, and you know I don't just mean tie a figure of eight and continue swinging leads. No, what I mean is when all it takes is a glance, a grimace, sticking your tongue out to understand what needs to be done, what decisions need to be taken, the tranquillity needed to get past a crux, the strength to retreat...  but above all the beauty of sharing those moves, decisions, those risks and the pride of being responsible for each other.

Yes Alvi, this is definitely what our climbing partnership taught me, one of the best examples of fraternal friendships in the mountains and, for me, the best example of life in general.

As usual my friend, on Thursday up on Torre del Lago you wanted to lead the crux, and as usual you sent it with the strength of a lion and the courage of a hero.

Go serene, dear friend. I miss you.


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