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Chris Sharma on Biographie at Ceuse, France.
Photo by Roberto Fioravanti

Chris Sharma, the video of Biographie at Ceuse

14.05.2012 by Planetmountain

The video of Chris Sharma and his 2001 first ascent of Biographie (also known as Realization ) at Ceuse in France.

Volumes have been written about Biographie, the route at Ceuse bolted by Jean-Cristophe Lafaille, climbed to half-height by Arnaud Petit in 1996 and then linked to the top by American Chris Sharma in 2001. A first section graded 8c+, followed by another intense 20m graded 8b+ but with some moves which, were they to be on a boulder at ground-level, would be 7C in their own right...

To link it all - this route also known as Realization - Sharma required three years of attempts and, above all, he had to dig deep within himself to find the road which has led to new difficulties. A road which took him from this 9a+ to the 9b of Jumbo Love at Clark Mountain in the USA in 2008 and, last year at Margalef, to First Round First Minute, a route which at present is ungraded but is undoubtedly extremely extreme. So much so that on First Round First Minute Sharma told us he relived an experience similar to Biographie a decade earlier...

Now, to close this Biographie circle, the video which documents the historic first ascent has been released on the internet. All that remains is wish you good viewing and, obviously, recommend our interview carried out with Sharma after that ascent.

TOPO: explore the crag Ceuse

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