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Final meters to reach the top of Witenwasserenstock
Photo by Sgambada
Dama couloir, Ch├╝ebodenhorn
Photo by Sgambada
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Vth Tris Rotondo in Val Bedretto, San Gottardo

05.03.2012 by Floriano Beffa

The countdown has begun for the most important ski mountaineering competition in the Gotthard mountain range in Switzerland: on 11 March the Vth edition of Tris Rotondo in Val Bedretto.

Tris Rotondo, the ski mountaineering competition which takes place in the exceptional Swiss Gotthard mountain chain, takes less than a week's time and this year the event has launched its official candidature toform part of the "La Grande Course" competition circuit with its 3250m elevation gain Super Tris competition. The Tris Rotondo also hosts two other courses, Short Tris (1400m elevation gain) and Main Tris (2200m elevation gain) and both of these act as a stage of the Swiss Cup and Swiss Team Championship.

Tris Rotondo is a true mountain challenge, both for the athletes who need to be in top physical condition and the organisers and ground staff. More than 140 personnel are in charge of race safety, the preparation of the course and the imposing logistics needed for a competition in the mountains. There are also two other courses, the Tris Cadetti for youngsters and Ciaspole Run for snowshoers, both with circa 900m elevation gain. Tris Rotondo is therefore also a great occasion for non-athletes to enjoy these mountains in safety.

The original race course winds its way around Pizzon Rotondo, reaches 3000m high summits, ascends steep gullies and crosses three Swiss cantons (Ticino, Uri, Vallese) right in the very heart of the Alps where the source of three rivers are located which flow into three different seas, hence the name Tris.

Current snow conditions are good and the long-term weather forecast, despite not being 100% reliable, indicates that the Vth edition should take place. At present, the only course variation is to Chüebodenhorn, which will not be ascended as there is too much snow on the Vallese face and the descent is too dangerous, which means that the athletes will cross the spectacular, 240m high, 45° Fiamma gully

At present more than 450 athletes have registered and the organisers have decided to accept a dozen or so more competitors, so if you're interested, hurry up and register!

AWARD: 40'000 CHF

Registration: www.trisrotondo.ch/iscrizione
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Tris-Rotondo
Official website: www.trisrotondo.ch




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