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The impressive granite peaks in the Bavella massif, Corsica.
The impressive granite peaks in the Bavella massif, Corsica.
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Corsica rock climbing

25.09.2009 by Maurizio Oviglia

A selection of some of the best multi-pitch rock climbs in Corsica, by Maurizio Oviglia. Routes in the Bavella, Val Restonica and Valle du Tavignano.

Multi-pitch rock climbs in Corsica are a world unto themselves, perhaps even more fascinating than the beautiful single pitch crags on this Mediterranean island. The local climbers realised the potential many years ago and the choice of routes is astounding. While the number of limestone routes can be counted on the fingers of a hand, the granite outings abound and areas such as the Bavella can rightly be considered a granite paradise in the heart of Europe.

The fact that areas such as the Bavella and Restonica are less famous than others does not mean that they are less beautiful or interesting than say Valle dell’Orco or Val di Mello in Italy. Their relative popularity is simply due to the fact that the locals have kept a low key approach, jealously guarding their mineral wealth in the hope that its wild inner soul remains untouched.

There are at least a thousand multi-pitch routes up beautiful granite rock in Corsica. Which means that we'll have to tighten our search criteria, as one does on the internet...


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