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The ɹǝɥʇO Way

The call to explore is in every one of us, but the act is a different story. Many people are unwilling to seek out those places where failure is more likely than success, the places we put our so-called passions to the test.

But we go there. We go to that lonely fork between security and difficulty, because that’s where we finally see whether this is something we truly love, or just some pretty pictures and nice-sounding posts built to bolster our egos.

We believe the truest version of ourselves stands well beyond comfort’s perimeter. Shed skin. Lose blood. Find ourselves gasping for breath and drenched in sweat and still not even close to halfway there.

Most people prefer comfort in their lives, forgetting that difficulty is actually what nourishes the human spirit. Risk. Fear. Doubt. The unknown. Now we’re beginning to feel the beating heart of experience. It’s not necessarily the way everyone would choose to live. But it’s our way. The Other Way.

by The North Face

Durata: 4:35
Regia: The North Face
Categoria: REPORTAGE
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