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Davide Capozzi Extreme skiing
Davide Capozzi talks about this sport, with particular reference to the Mont Blanc mountain range
Fabio Valseschini Fabio Valseschini
Interview after the first winter solo of Via dei 5 di Valmadrera up the NW Face of Civetta (Dolomites).
Colin Haley Colin Haley
An in-depth interview with the American alpinis to discover his approach to alpinism, from Alaska to Patagonia.
simon anthamatten Simon Anthamatten
A key player in the mountaineering world with important ascents to his name.
Reinhold Messner Reinhold Messner
Reinhold Messner, his life and alpinism beyond the 8000m peaks.
jerry Moffatt Alan Watts
The climber who played a leading role during the 1980's in developing Smith Rock into one of the most famous crags in the USA and the world.
jerry Moffatt Eternal Flame, Nameless Tower
Climbing history and Alexander Huber interview
jerry Moffatt Jenny Lavarda
Marco Ronchi and their ascents of Solo per vecchi guerrieri, Dolomites
jerry Moffatt Jerry Moffatt
Interview with Jerry Moffatt, one of the most successful climbers in the world during the 1980's and 1990's.
Alex honnold Alex Honnold
Solos in America and hard extremes on Britain's gritstone.
ueli steck Ueli Steck
The fastest man in the Alps: Matterhorn, Eiger and Grandes Jorasses
fred rouhling Fred Rouhling
Interview with Fred Rouhling after Salamandre at Saint-Pierre en Faucigny.
alexander huber Alexander Huber
One of the world's most important sport climbers and mountaineers.
patxi usobiaga Patxi Usobiaga
Interview after La Rambla and much more
Adam Ondra James Pearson
English climber responsible for some of the hardest routes on gritstone.
Adam Ondra Yuji Hirayama
The Nose on El Capitan, Yosemite. Big walls and bouldering
Adam Ondra Nicolas Favresse
Three weeks trad climbing in Wales and England.
Adam Ondra Adam Ondra
One of the most accomplished and talented sports climbers in the world.
Leo Houlding Leo Houlding
One of the most famous rock climbers and mountaineers in the world.
Yvon Chouinard Time's up
Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard explains how urgent and pressing the envirnmental issue is
Ueli Steck Ueli Steck
Khumbu Express: Cholatse and Tawoche solo.
By Christine Kopp
Piolet d'Or 2004 Interviews Piolet d'Or 2004
Alexander Odintsov Jannu
Steve House K7.
Yuji Hirayama Yuji Hirayama: 8c on-sight
On 6 October 2004 the Japanese made the world's first ever 8c on-sight: "White Zombi", Baltzola Cave, Spain.
climbing scotland Alan Mullin
Setting new standards in Scotland
climbing josune Christian Core
In mid-February 2003 the Italian made the fifth ascent of Dream Time
climbing josune Josune Bereciartu climbs first female 9a
A mythical grade. And just like the first 8c, then the first 8c+, the first female 9a now goes to Bereciartu. Bain de Sang from Josune's point of view.
Lynn Hill
An interview with Lynn and a reproduction of her mythical free one-day ascent of The Nose.

Simon Carter Simon Carter
An incredible display of photos which capture climbing at its best.
Menno Boermans Menno Boermans
I want my pictures to show why I am so passionate about mountaineering. It’s more than a sport. It’s a way of life"
Luca Vuerich Luca Vuerich
Visions and secrects of suspended worlds.
The Himalaya and 8000ers seen and lived in thin air.
Davide Camisasca Davide Camisasca
I've always attempted to transmit my emotions through photography, mediating profession with passion.
Marco Toniolo Marco Toniolo
Freeride, snowboard - a spledid winter portfolio by Marco Toniolo.
tofana Michael Meisl
Climbing in Europe - an extraordinary portfolio.
Aldo frezza Aldo Frezza
Mountains and deserts. Two extremes meet in one splendid portfolio.
climbing Italy Giulio Malfer slideshow
Photos of the first stage of the IWC 2003 in Pitztal, Austria.
climbing Italy Andrea Gallo slideshow
The Italian photographer presents Mauro Bole on Bellavista 8c, Cima Ovest di Lavaredo
Paolo Biamonti
Freeriding, skiing off piste - photographer.
Patitucci Photo
Spectacular photos of the High Desert, Utah

Adam Ondra
Interview with Adam Ondra after his two 8c and one 8b+ on-sights on the same day in Claret, France.
Iker Pou
One of the world's most talented rock climbers, with cutting-edge climbs spanning from 9a+ at the crag to 8a at 6000 meters.
Stevie Haston
After his first ascent of Descente Lolitta at the Grotte de Sabart in Ariege, France.
Yuji Hirayama
Cobra Crack and back to his roots
Andreas Proft
A free climbing spirit
Heinz Zak
Solos Yosemite's Separate Reality
Itaca nel Sole
Cristian Brenna and Marzio Nardi free the historic Itaca in Valle dell'Orco.
Dave Graham
Climbing in America and bouldering at Fontanebleau
Chris Sharma
Realises his dream called Biographie
Lamberti sends Hugh 9a
Josune Bereciartu
sends Noia 8c+, Italy's hardest.
Chris Sharma
A day's bouldering in Switzerland
François Legrand
Climbing on rock, in competitions, etc
Cristan Brenna, one of the best sports climbers in the world
Dino Lagni
World Champion 1999
François Legrand
An insight into the world of competitions
Yuji Hirayama Arco 1999
Katie Brown
Pietro Dal Prà
Hotel Supramonte is an excellent route..."
Luca Zardini 'Canon'
Manfred Stuffer


Christoph Hainz
4 hours 30 minutes to climb the North Face of the Eiger
Skiing off Everest
Everest is by far the highest mountain in the world. The Earth Goddess of all mountains.
Jean Christophe Lafaille and K2
Mauro "Bubu" Bole climbs Mission impossible
Mauro "Bubu" Bole slideshow
Hans Kammerlander 2000
One of the driving forces in the mountaineering world.
Simone Moro and his Everest adventure 2000
I was on top of my Everest, this time it was the real one though.
Simone Moro 2000
Before his attempt of the Everest-Lhotse Traverse
Tomaz Humar
Solos Reticent Wall, El Capitan

QTVR Panoramas

- Pale di S. Martino
- Sella Sassolungo
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