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Climbing at Mallorca
(by Alessandra Volpato, photos by A. Volpato, G. Cogo, M. Savio, R. Larcher, M. Ricciotti)

The Balearic Islands, ideal for those in search of sun, sand and, above all, an outrageous nightlife, are currently one of the trendiest summer holiday resorts in Southern Europe. Infamous for the sheer number of high-rise hotels, pubs and clubs, the islands of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formenter do little to shrug off this self-cultivated image of excess. But it would be wrong to believe that this Spanish archipelago has nothing to offer except for cheap holidays on crowded beaches.

Not far from this chaotic urban sprawl are beautiful secluded coves, quiet small villages and rugged mountains. It is not surprising that these once fertile islands were an important Mediterranean stop for the Greeks, Phoenicians, Carthaginians and then the Romans. Their prosperity declined rapidly though and they lay virtually forgotten until the middle of this century when artists and intellectuals, attracted by the mild climate and beautiful scenery, made these islands the place to be once again. And now, far from Mallorca's sunburnt package tourists, incredible new crags have been discovered on which to climb on almost all year round!
Tutankamon  Gianluca Cogo climbing in Alaró
  (photo M. Savio)

Mallorca map

This is not a problem as any travel agent will have hundreds of rooms on offer, but most of the hotels are about an hour's drive away from the crags. Package deals (flight & car only) can be very cheap and the best thing to do is to find a Bed & Breakfast inland.

Getting there

Flights to Palma di Mallorca are frequent and inexpensive from almost anywhere in Europe. Ferries from mainland Spain leave from Barcelona, Denia, Tarragona, and Valencia. The mountain roads can be hair-raising dirt tracks - beware!

Best time of year

Apart from the summer months, climbing is possible all year round. March/April and October/November are ideal.

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