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Climbing in Val Gardena, Cansla
sectors & routes
climbing on the Sella, Dolomites
Manfred Stuffer climbing Traumschiff - photo Peter Zanetti
Dolomites, Sella, Traumpfeiler
Pilastro dei Sogni
© F. Tremolada

Cansla - the sectors and routes

The sector "Traumpfeiler" contains 19 multi-pitch routes from 6a+ to 8a. The majority are on the fantastic slab and are 6c+, but some overhanging pitches can be found on the left-hand side.
Easier routes can be found on the sector "Wasserfall”. These are ideal as warm-ups for those wanting to do a hard multi-pitch route.

The routes on the left-hand side of the "Woodstockplatten" are short and cruxy, while the routes on the right are longer and less tricky.


All routes are equipped with 10mm stainless steel or resin bolts. Belays in the "Traumpfeiler" sector are equipped with abseil chains.

The routes

I Sector "Traumpfeiler"

1) Sech O Nia 7c+, 7c
2) Pass Au Popo 6c, 6c+
3) Dai Me To 8a
4) Kante 6c, 8a+, 7c, 6c
5) L Giaron 6c+
6) Loss Di Folln 7b, 7b, 7b+
7) Amoklauf 6a+, 7b, 6c, 6c+, 7a
8) Odeon 7a, 7a, 7a
9) Traumvariante 7a
10) Traumschiff 6c, 6c+, 6c, 6c+, 7a, 6c
11) Benny Hill 6c, 6b, 7b
12) Traumpfeiler 6a+, 6c+, 6b, 7a
13) L Julon 7c, 7a, 7b
14) Tamburin 7b
15) Tamburdl 6a+, 6c, 6c+, 7b
16) Charlie Brown 6c, 7b+
17) Spruel 7b, 7a, 7b
18) Sufladressa 7b, 6c, 7b
19) Steila Da Mont 7b, 6c

II Sector "Wasserfall"

11) La Bela 6a
2) La Ria 6a
3) La Ncompra 6a
4) La Saurida 5c
5) Pisciadoi 6a
6) Vie Cun Me 6a
7) Cun Te 6a
8) No Zeder 6a
9) Tobai 6b
10) Solandra 6b+

Sector "Woodstockplatte"

1) Nia Mal 7a
2) L Var 7a+
3) Schweizer Kas 6b
4) Te Ies Nia Mel 6c+
5) Tre Tre 6c
6) Woodstock 6c
7) Nianca Bon 6b
8) Hmn-Pudding 7b
9) Proa Me 6b+
10) L Cianton (28 M!) 6a+
11) La Biescia 6c+
12) Alluminium 6b+
13) L Rani 6c
14) Positiv Negativ 6b+, 6b
15) Kranebit (40 m!) 7a
16) Anieie Brums 6b
17) Blo Beus 6c, 6c+
18) Blo Bel 6c+
19) Sgravedoz 7a, 6b

Cansla, Traumpfeiler, Dolomites
   The routes on sector Traumpfeiler

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