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Sagres Corgas

By: Leopolda Faria
Country: Portugal, Region: Algarve, Town: Sagres (Iberia)

Climbing at Sagres is truly special because of the surroundings, the beauty of the coast, the strong wind, the Atlantic Ocean, the light house, the flat, giant green lands... all of these put together gives you a feeling of indescribable wilderness that you can't find anywhere else in Portugal. Corgas described here is simply one cliff, there are almost 10 different sectors in the Sagres area and plenty of potential for more routes!

If you come here watch out: there are plenty of ways of being distracted from climbing. On hot days it is hard to resist having a swim at Beliche beach, where the more fanatic climbers can stretch their fingers and warm-up for the afternoon session. And for those who can't resist the Atlantic's perfect waves, I recommend you rent (for 20 euros a day) a surfboard and a wetsuit at the Sagres Natura shop. At night the bars bristle with activity and fun is guaranteed especially at weekends when Sagres fills with people and usually it all ends late. To check out the routes you want to climb the next day have a look at the guide book at the climber's bar Dromedario: while you decide which routes to climb savour a fresh Morangoska or the fantastic sweet pancakes.


Sagres is located on the southwestern tip of the Iberian Peninsula. The fastest and cheapest way to reach this area is to enter Portugal from the south. From Seville, always follow the A49 west, then continue along the A22 and finally, in Portugal, take the N125 towards Sagres. If you are not in a hurry, avoid the Portugese motorways as these are all quite expensive. To reach that sector, park the car circa 400 meters from the lighthouse and than walk south untill you see two rings on your left; rappel down and that is it. To leave the crag simply traverse using the rope on the left.


There are a few hotels, apartments and a camping. Another alternative are the rooms to rent and even in August these are not too expensive. Camping outside designated areas is prohibited.

"Tasca do Careca", located at little over 9 kilometres from Sagres in the town of Vila de Bispo is worth a visit: enjoy the stuffed Squid, a typical dish of the area and if you like meat this restaurant is a must go. The dishes are abundant, so often one course is more than ample for two very hungry mouths. For those who prefer more international food, Pizza Pazza offers the best pizza in the area: sit outside in the small village of Pedralva and savour the pizza made with fresh and varied vegetables. This is the perfect hangout to chat accompanied by a beer while waiting for the food to be served slowly, just like everything in this region…

In Sagres there are two supermarkets open 7 days a week throughout the year, except for holidays.

It is difficult to get water at Sagres. In the past there was a fountain, but years ago this stopped working. There are only two alternatives: buy bottled water or ask to refill your water bottles at bars or petrol stations.


Areas worth visiting
There are some historic sites worth visiting such as the Fortress of Sagres or the do Beliche Fort. The São Vicente Cape hosts  the famous lighthouse at the very end of this great peninsula. The beaches are another attraction worth bearing in mind, in particular the beautiful, wind-sheltered Beliche beach at Sagres. Some of the most beautiful and wild beaches in Portugal are located on the west coast including Ponta Ruiva, Cordoama and Castelejo.

Do not miss the night life at Sagres in particular the bars Dromedario and Agua Salgada.

At the bar "Dromedario" you can check out all the routes at Sagres. Some sectors are online on www.equipadores.blogspot.com

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The climate is temperate all year round. Virtually all sectors suffer from moisture, so avoid rainy or foggy days; conditions are usually dry when the wind is really strong. The NW wind is predominant but there may be specific changes that must be taken into account. Although you can climb all year round, summer is the best time of year, especially if the rock is we. Don't forget that we always have the beach as an alternative to climbing!


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