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Corvara - Colfosco
Corvara, situated to the north of the Sella in the Val Badia, is one of the most picturesque villages in the Dolomites. The cold winter temperatures combined with the altitude almost always guarantee excellent winter climbing conditions, and the icefalls here remain frozen until late in the season.
The icefalls described in this section are all clearly visible from Colfosco and are situated on the band of rock at the foot of the Sella, both to the left and to the right of the Val de Mesdì.
The first icefall, situated far to the left, is somewhat easier than the others and is therefore suitable also for beginners. No. 2 is slightly harder, but its difficulties can be overcome by avoiding the final icicle on the right. No. 3 & 4 are significantly harder, especially when the ice is scarce. No. 5 is situated on the other side of the Val de Mesdì and is similar in grade to the first. Close to No. 5 and clearly visible from the road are some more icefalls of similar grade.
The routes are described from left to right.

Mappa delle cascate del Sella
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The Alta Badia has plenty of hotels and B&B's, and the après ski guarantees something for everyone.

Information via the ATP Tourist Board
Tel. 0471 836176

"Dolomiti di ghiaccio" by M. Gallo and R. Bressan, ed. Cierre and "Ghiaccio Verticale" F. Cappellari and A. Mangano;
Map Tabacco 1:25.000 Alta Badia, sheet 07

Getting there
Corvara can be reached from Bolzano by driving up the Val Gardena and over Passo Gardena; from Bressanone it can be reached by driving along the Val Pusteria.
Those coming from Cortina must drive over the Passo Falzarego before descending into the Val Parola; for those coming from the Agordino, Arabba and Passo Campolongo must be reached before driving down directly into Corvara. Colfosco is situated slightly above Corvara along the road that leads to Passo Gardena.

The icefalls 1-4 can be reached by parking the car in the camping ground in Corvara. Follow the forest track that runs alongside the forest towards the Val de Mesdì. Find the summer path (difficult if untracked) that leads up leftwards steeply through the forest to the base of the icefalls (path no. 645). Allow 45mins for the walk-in.

For icefall No. 5 drive through Colfosco up towards Passo Gardena. Park the car after the first hairpin bend at the bar/restaurant Mesules and head straight for the obvious icefall beyond the piste. Allow 35 mins for the walk-in.

A set of snowshoes and ski poles will be found extremely useful for the walk-in, especially if there is some fresh snow.

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