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Patitucci photography
High Desert
The High Desert country near Moab, Utah, USA offers the visiting climber endless potential. Along with perhaps America’s best crack climbing at Indian Creek are numerous Towers, bouldering and some of America’s most unique landscape.

photography Patitucci

PatitucciPhoto is the unique combination of the husband and wife team of Dan and Janine Patitucci. With completely different backgrounds, the two came together while in photography school at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. Dan had been a climber for 14 years while Janine came from Switzerland and a design career.

climbing Patitucci

An assignment to shoot a climbing story sparked their interest to start an Adventure Sports business. Now, three years later, they have been on assignment for such magazines as Sports Illustrated, National Geographic Adventure and Outside. Their travel schedule has been uninterrupted since January of 2000 but there is little desire to stop as they have successfully merged their love of photographing adventure with their career, and are doing it together.

The two are currently working on a 3 month project for Rock & Ice Magazine to climb all of California’s 14,000 foot peaks via technical routes. The images they produce are a result of their energetic and creative passion.

Camera info
"We shoot Canon EOS 3's with a large variety of fast lenses from a Fisheye to 400mm, Fuji Velvia and Kodak E100 SW are our film choices along with LowePro for our camera bags."
"Shoot what you love, take lots of notes if you are trying to improve and don't be afraid to try new ideas."
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