Zardini Zardini Zardini
Zardini Luca Zardini
Height 172 cm
Weight 62 Kg.
6% body fat

Sponsor: La Sportiva (Miura, Mistral), Fila, Petzl
Interview by Francesco Tremolada
Luca Zardini, better known as the "Canon", is one of this sport's strongest athletes, and not just in Italy. Competing for the elite Italian police training corps since the early 90's, his name has regularly appeared right up top in both the national and international ranking systems. He counts as one of the most experienced members of the Italian competition squad and, when not training with the other athletes in Val Gardena, spends his time in Cortina - we went to see him there...

Although we'd met many times before, beneath a crag or at competitions, we had only ever exchanged a few hasty, polite words before wandering off on our ways. We expected him to be timid and reserved, but the "Canon" surprised us; after the inevitable initial embarrassment he opened up and spoke about climbing in general, competitions, plans and his plaguing injuries. Behind this reserved mask we discovered a willing, determined young man who, after all these years near the top, still hasn't lost the ability to just climb and have fun.

Luca can definitely be classed as a "true" athlete, a professional like other athletes in other sports and it is he who, quite rightly, underlines this fact. His immediate future, driven by precise aims, is clearly mapped out; if able to shake off the misfortune which has surrounded him in the recent past, he should hopefully be able to achieve that what he deserves.

His best competition results:

- Italian Championship: 1°; in 1993, 1994, 1996
- Italian Cup: 2°; in 1995, 3° in 1996 e 1998
- World Cup: 2° in 1992, 7° in 1993, 4° in 1996, 7° in 1998
- European Cup: 6° in 1992, 5° in 1996
Master in Kranj: 1° in 1993.

His best results on rock:

- his redpoint of "Sogni di gloria" 8b+ at Erto in 1991, when he was 19 years old

- his onsight of "Course de nuages" 8a+ at the Grotta dell’Orso, Calanques, in 1992, a feat repeated only by Legrand and Cortijo in 1997 & ’98

- his redpoint of "Progetto Reini" 8c+ at Massone, Arco and "Nagai" 8c at Covolo, Vicenza, 5th go
from left to right:
on "Dita di burro", Crepìe de Oucera,

and on "Movimenti Tellurici", 8c Igne.

photos by P. Dal Prà and Zardini archive

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