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Profilveggen - The Profile Wall

By: Erik Massih
Country: Norway, Region: Rogaland, Town: Jøssingfjord

Jøssingfjord, situated by the coast in southern Rogaland, has for long been a destination for climbers. In the 80s a group of Brits, among them Pat Littlejohn, visited the area establishing free routes in good style. In the British climbing magazine Mountain it was stated: “In the area around Egersund and Jøssingfjord visiting climbers from Oslo have climbed several aesthetic and excellent crack lines comparable to Yosemite. To date, routes have been mainly from 6+ to 7+, and in such a vast area, it’s only the beginning. …and can be compared to Joshua Tree and Tuolumne Meadows, with thousands of dome shaped rocks of various shapes and sizes, with excellent potential. When the sun shines that is.”

One of the jewels in the crown is Profilveggen, also referred to as The Profile wall. This huge overhanging granite wall up to 120m in height is riddled with cracks just waiting to be free climbed. At present most of the routes are aid climbs, while superb free climbs include Leo Houlding’s and Neil Gresham’s 1998 Fire Fox, Scandinavian 8/8+ (7c), Daniel Jung's Flying Vikings" 9- (8b), Nicolas Favresse's 2013 Recovery drink and Ronny Medelsvensson 9 (8b), free climbed in 2014 by Crister Jansson and Erik Massih. All the routes that have been free climbed so far are something very special indeed.


Jøssingfjord is situated by the coast circa 100 km south of Stavanger in southwestern Norway, which equates to circa 2 hours of driving. From Oslo it's circa 450 km (7 hours!). Check out its location on Googlemaps.


Trad crack climbing at its very best on norite, a rock type similar to granite.


The closest towns are Flekkefjord or Soknadal. Profilveggen is located in Jössingfjord and you can park and camp for free by the fjord and access all the climbing on foot. Alternatively there are campgrounds in the nearby Soknadal. The fjord offers good fishing for mackerel and cod.


The valley also has a lot of moderate crack climbing to offer, but information is very scarse. It is worth noting that the area between Egersund and Flekkefjord has so much rock it's unbelievable and very little climbing has been done. The whole region Rogaland also has a lot of climbing to offer, from bouldering to Big walls (Kjerag). There is also excellent bolted sports climbing in Helleren, with routes between 6c and 8b+, most of them being from 7c upwards.

06/10/2014 - Profilveggen free climb in Norway by Erik Massih and Crister Jansson

Erik Massih reports about the first free ascent of Ronny Medelsvensson (Scandinavian grade 9 / French 8b) at Profilveggen, Jøssingfjord, Norway, carried out in July 2014 together with Crister Jansson.

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The season is from April to October. Profilveggen and in particular Helleren are relatively protected from rain.









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