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Ferrino Expé

Last year the Tike Saab mountain guides travelled across the Americas, from Alaska to Patagonia. During this beautiful adventure they spent some nights in Ferrino's Expé, the top of the range tent of their High Lab product line, used above all in expeditions at high altitude. Let's discover how the tent resisted to the Patagonian assault.

"We had the opportunity of testing the Ferrino "Expé" during our travels from Alaska to the Terra del Fuoco, and in particular in the adverse conditions encountered in Patagonia. The diverse weather patterns enabled us to check out all the characteristics of this top-of-the-range Ferrino tent. The floor, inner and fly-sheet are constructed in polyester fabric with taped seams, guaranteeing optimum waterproofness, even in during violent storms.

The three equal-length shock corded duraluminium poles slide into robust reinforced mesh sleeves which run along the entire tent. Apart from being practical and easy to pitch, the sleeves result in an even tension distribution, rendering the tent decidedly robust. Furthermore, the fly-sheet has a particular blocking system comprised of a cylinder which clips into a plastic reinforcement onto the pole. In strong winds this device reduces to a minimum the "flapping" between the inner and the outer tent. The Expé is anchored to the ground with a series of lightweight aluminium pegs and storm guy lines with reflective slots. Additional fixing can be achieved by mooring skis or deadmen to the extra guidelines included.

The tent is comprised of two vestibules and the front entrance is somewhat larger than the rear entrance. Ventilation outlets have been inserted on both the inner and the doors guaranteeing excellent aeration, while a front window has been placed on the fly-door. The zips proved to be robust and functional, just like all other minor details. The Expé is definitely not a lightweight tent, but it has to be said that if push comes to shove it can sleep four. During our treks in the Torri del Paine we divided the weight between us, separating the fly from the poles and in doing so reaching a good compromise between weight and comfort. The only problem was the amount of condensation created by four people.

Our overall judgement is more than positive, also when bearing in mind the price of the Expé Ferrino."

Carlo Gabasio, Guide Alpine Tike Saab

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Volume: 3.50 m2
Places: 3
Max weight: 4.40 kg

- Fly-sheet in polyester fabric
- Inner tent in water repellent and breathable Nylon-Ripstop
- Water repellent polyester floor
- Aluminium pegs
- Taped seams on fly-sheet and floor
- Raisable and adjustable snow flap in the fly-sheet
- Triple reinforcement at floor corners for better strength and waterproofing
- Tape adjustment system for fly-sheet attachment to the ground and for front vestibule
- Two doors with external mosquito net
- Two vestibules
- Ventilation outlets with storm proof system
- Storm guy lines with reflective slots
- Internal material holder pockets
- Material holder loops
- Tape on slider handle
- Front window in polyurethane to withstand thermal movement and U.V. rays
- The storage bag is a practical rope bag with top safety closure, double handle and two tape loops for easy carrying
Height: 125 cm

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