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For those who head to the mountains, protecting one's eyes from the sun's rays has always been rule number 1. The consequence is a fastidious (and painful) sensation of having something in your eye, and this is usually accompanied by a similar irritating tearing eye. In short, those who don't use correct eyewear have to count on that affection (conjunctivitis) which can require up to 24 -48 hours of complete rest. And we haven't even mentioned the much-feared snow blindness, which is caused by an inflammation of the cornea. In the worst cases, this can result in cataract formation. All of these problems are caused by ultra violet light which, in the mountains, is a far more serious issue: its intensity increases by 12% every 1000m height gained. Superfluous to say that these affections are without a doubt problems best avoided, especially when climbing or trekking for a series of days. Therefore: correct eye protection, and consequently the right eyewear, must always come in first place. This is the reason why we tested the RE4010 by REVO, the famous technical sunglasses brand belonging to the Luxottica Group.

A first "external" analysis reveals that RE4010 have all the right characteristics for being serious mountain use: they must be robust, with a snug frame (thus guaranteeing maximum protection) so that they don’t fly away during a sudden, brusque movement. The frame is made of injected proprionate, making it robust to withstand impacts while, at the same time, flexible enough, even if compressed deep within the rucksack. This balance of robustness and flexibility plays an important role in rendering the sunglasses stable, especially in action: the RE4010 adapt and model themselves perfectly to the face. It is worth noting that the frame is resistant to heat and aggressive agents. And, last but by no means least, the RE4010 are suitable for high altitude mountaineering, as they have been fitted with the indispensable side protection shields. These have been cleverly incorporated directly onto the frame.

Even within their technological and most important core, the RE4010 satisfied the conditions we set. We're obviously now talking about the lenses themselves: it's they that do the job of protecting our eyes, that "block" the ultraviolet light. And it is because of this that REVO created the exclusive LMS technology, inspired from satellite portholes that protect astronauts from space radiation. The tempered optical glass, a guarantee for indeformity, transparency and resistance, has been coated with a special multi-layer shield. Up to 12 layers of titanium or silica microxides equalize, dose and select the light that enters, blocking 100% of ultraviolet UVA and UVB light (it is important to underline this duality) and 90% of infrared IR light. This LMS (Light Management System) technology was developed by a NASA engineer to protect the satellite portholes that block the extremely dangerous space radiation. Apart from guaranteeing unique vision, exalting and balancing colours, making them vivid and luminous, it produces extremely sharp vision. Obviously the sunglasses meet CE certification, as established by European law, and fit into protective category 3, which means they are within the upper region of the CE scale (the maximum is 4 and includes glasses not suitable for driving). Furthermore, the RE4010 is also produced with polarised lenses.

We used the RE4010 during our ski mountaineering trips, an ideal testing ground with particularly intense light. We have to say that the sunglasses lived up to our expectations, surprising us for the exceptional quality of the lens and their robustness. The RE4010 are a safe companion for mountain use: your eyes will definitely thank you.

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The North Face

Technical details:
Lens 54 mm
Bridge 17 mm
Asta 125 mm

Frame: Acetate Black
Lens: Blue 02, LMS Technology

Frame: Acetate Black
Lens: Blue 02, LMS Technology, Polarized

Frame: Acetate Black Matte
Lens: Stealth 12, LMS Technology

Frame: Acetate Black Matte
Lens: Stealth 63, LMS Technology, Polarized

Frame: Acetate Tortoise
Lens: Neutral 61, LMS Technology, Polarized

Frame: Acetate Tortoise
Lens: Gold Y3, LMS Technology, Photocromatic

Frame: Acetate Tortoise
Lens: Brown K2, Polarized, Clearseal Treatment

Frame: Matte Black
Lens: Grey K3, Polarized, Clearseal Treatment

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