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DMM's Belay Master
DMM’s "Belay Master" is an innovative screwgate carabiner for belaying and abseiling. It has been designed with a nylon swing catch which stops the gate from unscrewing and the carabiner from rotating. This unique safety feature is a significant development in carabiner design.

How it works:

- The carabiner, clipped directly to the belay or the belay loop, remains positioned correctly and cannot rotate thanks to the nylon catch. The possibility of accidental ‘cross-gate’ loading, which dangerously reduces the carabiner’s tensile strength, is greatly reduced.

- the swing catch can only be closed when the gate is screwed up (reducing the chance of forgetting to screw up the gate). In addition, the swing catch stops the gate from unscrewing (reducing the chance of accidental gate opening).

- the swing catch is “clipped” onto the carabiner. It can be easily removed when not needed.

- can be used with an Italian Hitch.

- the Belay Master weighs 100 gr.

This multi-purpose locking carabiner is practical and easy to use. It works well on the harness’ belay loop with a variety of different belay devices for belaying or abseiling. It is also effective as a toprope carabiner.

DMM Belay Master
The carabiner with an open and closed swing catch
DMM Belay Master
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