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Tris Rotondo, a stormy ski mountaineering success

On Sunday 28 February 2016 the 7th biennial ski mountaineering competition Tris Rotondo took place in Switzerland’s Canton Ticino, Switzerland. The men’s Super Tris competition was won by Filippo Barazzuol & Maguet Nadir while Jennifer Fiechter & Lorna Bonnel won the women's event.

Tris Rotondo, ski mountaineering master competition in Val Bedretto, Canton Ticino

On Sunday 28 February 2016 the Tris Rotondo will take place in Canton Ticino, Switzerland. This top ski mountaineering competition is one of the most prestigious events in the ski touring circuit. The organizers have worked hard to ensure three different race courses and introduce some important novelties, such as showing its support for the Kam for Sud association for Nepal.

Mezzalama Trophy, 2013, a perfect day

On Saturday 4 May the XIX Mezzalama Trophy was won by the Italians Manfred Reichegger, Damiano Lenzi and Matteo Eydallin. The women's competition was won by the Italians Laura Besseghini, Raffaella Rossi and Elena Nicolini. Lorenzo Scandroglio provides the report, Marco Spataro the splendid photos.

02.05.2012 by Planetmountain in Competitions

Patrouille des Glaciers 2012, the winners and the shortened competition

Lorenzo Scandroglio recounts the 2012 edition of Patrouille des Glaciers, the legendary ski mountaineering competition from Zermatt to Verbier which due to dangerous conditions was stopped short at Arolla.

Mezzalama Trophy 2011. The race, winners and a renewed competition

On 1 May 2011 the XVIII Mezzalama Trophy was won by the international team comprised of Spaniard Jornet Burgada and the Frenchmen Bon Mardion and Blanc. The women's event was won by Pellissier, Pedranzini, Martinelli. The report and excitement of the great ski mountaineering marathon on Monte Rosa, by Lorenzo Scandroglio. Portfolio by Marco Spataro.

29.04.2011 by Planetmountain in Competitions

Mezzalama Trophy 2011: the great Monte Rosa ski mountaineering competition postpoined to Sunday

The start of the XVIII "Mezzalama" has been postponed to 05:30 on Sunday 1 May

From the Pierra Menta to the Grande Course... the changing face of ski mountaineering competitions

The Grande Course has just begun, the first international ski mountaineering cup comparable to a tennis Grand Slam. Action kicked off on 17 March on the slopes of France's Arêches-Beaufort, which hosted the Grenoble winter Olympics, with the classic French ski mountaineering competition Pierra Menta which dates back to 1985.

24.02.2011 by Planetmountain in Competitions

The Sellaronda hourglass, the winners and the magic of the Ski Alp

On 18 February 2011 Alain Seletto and Tony Sbalbi, Roberta Pedranzini and Francesca Martinelli won the 16th Sellaronda Skimarathon, the great ski mountaineering competition in the Dolomites. An analysis of the magical tour which crosses the passes Gardena, Campolongo, Pordoi and Sella by Lorenzo Scandroglio.

25th Pierra Menta

The four day ski mountaineering marathon in Arêches-Beaufort (France) was won by the Spanish-Swiss team comprised of Kilian Jornet Burgada and Florent Troillet. The women's event was won by the Italians Francesca Martinelli and Roberta Pedranzini.

Sellaronda, one long roller coaster of emotions

On 05/03/2010 the 15th Sellaronda Skimarathon, the historic ski mountaineering race in the Dolomites, was won by Guido Giacomelli and Hansjoerg Lunger ahead of Thomas Martini and Matteo Pedergnana, followed by Ivan Antiga and Trettel Thomas. The womens' event was won by the Weger and Gross. The extenuating and freezing cold race, as recounted in first person by Lorenzo Scandroglio, provided excitement even beyond the race course.

Marco Olmo wins The North Face Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc

On 25/08 Marco Olmo from Italy won the 5th edition of the Ultra Trail Tour du Mont Blanc, from Chamonix back to Chamonix via Courmayeur, beating Jens Lukas from Germany and Nicolas Mermoud from France. The women's event was won by Nikki Kimball from the USA.

Brunod and Reichegger win 12th Tour du Rutor

The 12th international Tour du Rutor took place at Arvier in Valle d'Aosta last weekend and was won by the Italian team Dennis Brunod and Manfred Reichegger. The women's event was won the Italian/Swiss team comprise of Gloriana Pellissier and Gabrielle Magnenat.

Pierra Menta 2006, Brosse & Blanc and Martinelli & Pedranzini victorious

The 21st Pierramenta, the great 4 stage ski mountaineering competition around the French Beaufortin massif, was won by the French duo Stephane Brosse and Patrick Blanc and Francesca Martinelli and Roberta Pedranzini

09.09.2004 by Lorenzo Scandroglio in Alpinism

K2: first repeat of "Magic line" dedicated to Manel De La Matta

the Catalan expedition and the first repeat of the magic line on K2, Himalaya.




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