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20.09.2006 by PlanetMountain in Climbing

Angela Eiter soars Skyline 8b on-sight

Angela Eiter on-sigh's Skyline 8b at Bürs, Austria and redpoints Pietramurata (8b+), Halebob (8b+), Supermaratona (8b/8b+), Maratona (8b), Tropo Schwar (8b) and Fuego (8a+) at Massone, Arco.

12.09.2006 by PlanetMountain in Climbing

Jenny Lavarda climbs Claudio Caffè and becomes first Italian woman to climb 8c

Jenny Lavarda has become the first Italian woman to climb 8c with her 08/09/2006 ascent of "Claudio Caffè" at Terra Promessa, Arco

01.09.2006 by Vinicio Stefanello in Events

Arco Rock Legends: Josune Bereziartu and Angela Eiter at the top

The first edition of the Arco Rock Legends held in Arco (Trentino, N. Italy) went to Josune Bereziartu from Spain (Salewa Rock Award) and Angela Eiter from Austria (La Sportiva Competition Award).

27.08.2006 by PlanetMountain in Competitions

XX Arco Rock Master ready to rumble

The XX Rock Master will take place at Arco, Trentino, Italy this weekend.This is the oldest and most famous sports climbing competition and is reserved for the best of the best only.

10.08.2006 by PlanetMountain in Events

ARCO ROCK LEGENDS: the nominations


14.07.2006 by PlanetMountain in Alpinism

Hansjörg Auer solos Marmolada's Tempi Moderni

On 11 June 2006 the Austrian Hansjörg Auer made a rare solo repeat of one of the most classic routes in the Dolomites, the 850m Tempi Moderni situated on the south face of the Marmolada, Dolomites.

10.07.2006 by PlanetMountain in Climbing

Bereziartu and Otegui free Divina Comedia

Josune Bereziartu and Rikar Otegui have made the first free ascent of the 1981 aid route Divina Comedia 7c in the Ordesa National Park, Spain.

29.05.2006 by PlanetMountain in Climbing

Vidmar sends her first 8c at Ospo, Slovenia

On Monday 8th May 2006 Maja Vidmar joined the exclusive club of women capable of sending 8c by redpointing Osapski pajek at Ospo, Slovenia.

18.04.2006 by PlanetMountain.com in Climbing

Bereziartu first woman to on-sight 8b+!

Josune Bereziartu has just on-sighted Hidrofobia 8b+ at Montsant, Spain and, in doing so, has become the first woman ever to on-sight 8b+!

27.12.2005 by PlanetMountain.com in Climbing

Cufar sends 8c!

On 21 December Martina Cufar from Slovenia redpointed her first 8c, Vizija at Misja pec, Slovenia.

06.10.2005 by PlanetMountain.com in Climbing

Josune Bereziartu 8b on-sight!

Josune Bereziartu has on-sighted Fuente de Energia, 8b at Vadiello, Huesca, Spain.

25.05.2005 by PlanetMountain.com in Climbing

Josune Bereziartu and Bimbaluna 9a/9a+

On 09/05/2005 Josune Bereziartu made the first female ascent of Bimbaluna 9a/9a+ at Saint Loup, Switzerland, pushing the scale of female performances up one notch.

22.12.2004 by PlanetMountain.com in Climbing

Bereziartu and Otegi big in Japan!

During a 40 day trip to Japan Josune Bereziartu and Rikar Otegi redpoint "Logical Progression" 9a at Jo Yama. Bereziartu on-sights "Steroid Performance" at Horai.

11.08.2004 by PlanetMountain.com in Climbing

Josune Bereziartu and Rikar Otegi made the first free ascent of “Yeah man”

On 1 July Josune Bereziartu and Rikar Otegi made the first free ascent of Yeah man on the north face of the Gran Pfad, in the Swiss Gastlosen mountain range.

13.05.2004 by Planetmountain.com in Climbing

Bereziartu and Otegi rock Spain

Josune Bereziartu repeats “Nowa” 8c, "B12" 8b+ , “Sexibition" 8b and "Psicosis" 8c. Rikar Otegi sends "Nowa" , "B12" and "Desafiando a Tsunami" 8c+/9a.

20.11.2003 by PlanetMountain.com in Climbing

Bereziartu sends Tsunamy 8c+/c

At the end of October Josune Bereziartu sent Tsunamy 8c+/c at Alquezar, Huesca, Spain

03.07.2003 by Planetmountain.com in Climbing

8c+ for Josune Bereziartu

Josune Bereziartu sends Na-Nai 8c+ at the Baltzola Cave, Spain

24.04.2003 by Planetmountain.com in Climbing

Josune Bereziartu sends Solaris Fb 8a+

Josune Bereciartu sends Solaris Fb 8a+ at the Cueva de Balzala

13.11.2002 by Planetmountain.com in Climbing

Josune Bereziartu climbs first female 9a

Josune Bereciartu climbs Bain de Sang, Switzerland and becomes first woman to climb 9a

23.10.2002 by Planetmountain.com in Climbing

Josune Bereziartu unstoppable!

Josune Bereciartu continues to climb some of the hardest routes around. Her latest ascents include "Ocho Anos De Sexo" 8b+/8c at Subijana, Spain and "Spécialistes Direct" 8c in the Verdon, France.




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