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03.08.2012 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Heiko Queitsch greenpoint climbing in the Frankenjura

Video of Heiko Queitsch climbing Magnet and other famous routes in the Frankenjura greenpoint, without bolts and with trad gear.

04.05.2012 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Markus Bock adds new Frankenjura climbs

German climber Markus Bock has freed, amongst others, House Of Shock 8c+/9a in the Frankenjura, Germany.

27.02.2012 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Iker Pou, new routes at Margalef and Ilarduia

Iker Pou has freed Enemigo Público Nº1 8c+/9a) at the Spanish crag Margalef, while at Ilarduia he has freed Harroputza 9a.

25.01.2012 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Sarah Seeger, 8A+ boulder in the Frankenjura

In the Frankenjura, Germany, Sarah Seeger has sent the boulder problem Kalte Sophie 8A+.

25.11.2011 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Archon, 8b trad in Germany's Frankenjura

On 06/11/2011 Patrick Matros established Archon, an 8b trad route in the Frankenjura, Germany.

15.11.2011 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Adam Ondra frees Terranova 8C+

Adam Ondra has established his hardest boudler problem to date, Terranova 8C+ at Moravsky Kras in the Czech Republic.

07.11.2011 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Chasin the Trane greenpoint in the Frankenjura

German climber Heiko Queitsch has climbed the famous Frankenjura routes Fight Gravity (by Kurt Albert) and Chasin the Train (by John Bachar) without using the bolts but with trad gear.

26.10.2011 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Kristyna Ondra redpoints 8b+ at Moravian Karst

Kristyna Ondra has redpointed her first 8b+, Kudlanka at Moravsky Kras (Czech Republic).

24.06.2011 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Markus Bock adds new Frankenjura testpiece

German sports climber Markus Bock has established The Elder Statesman 9a/9a+ in the Frankenjura.

12.04.2011 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Campus board advice from the British Mountaineering Council

The British Mountaineering Council has issued important Campus Board advice aimed primarily at children and teenagers. Interview with Dr. Volker Schöffl

23.03.2011 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Action Directe, the video of Gabriele Moroni

The video of Gabriele Moroni, the only Italian to have redpointed Action Directe, first climbed by Wolfgang Güllich in the Frankenjura, Germany.

10.03.2011 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Adam Ondra, the 8c+ on-sight interview!

An exclusive interview with Adam Ondra from the Czech Republic after his outstanding 8c+ on-sights in Spain, including Bizi euskaraz 8c+ at Etxauri.

07.03.2011 by Planetmountain in Interviews

Adam Ondra, interview after La Capella 9b at Siurana

Interview with Adam Ondra after his first ascent of La Capella at Siurana, Spain, which the 18-year-old from the Czech Republic has tentatively graded 9b

15.10.2010 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Sarah Seeger, Odd Fellows 8c in the Frankenjura

Sarah Seeger from Germany has climbd her second 8c, Odd Fellows in the Frankenjura.

11.10.2010 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Action Directe by Adam Pustelnik

Adam Pustelnik from Poland has repeated Action Directe 9a first ascended by Wolfgang Güllich in the Frankenjura, Germany.

04.10.2010 by Martin Joisten in Climbing

Kurt Albert farewell in the Frankenjura next Saturday

Climbers worldwide are invited to take part in the farewell ceremony organised for Saturday 9 October in Steiberg, Frankenjura, in honour of German climbing legend Kurt Albert.

29.09.2010 by Nicholas Hobley in Climbing

Kurt Albert is dead. Goodbye to a climbing legend

German climbing legend Kurt Albert died yesterday at 20.45 aged 56 following the accident last Sunday on a via ferrata in Bavaria, Germany on Sunday.

28.09.2010 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Kurt Albert seriously injured in via ferrata accident

German climbing legend Kurt Albert is in intensive care after falling from a via ferrata in Bavaria, Germany.

18.04.2010 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Action Directe 9a climbed by Gabriele Moroni, too

Gabriele Moroni and the first Italian ascent of Action Directe 9a, the route freed by Wolfgang Güllich in 1991 and which still today represents an important test for sport climbing.

02.02.2010 by Massimo Malpezzi in Climbing

Enrico Baistrocchi repeats Oniyx at Chironico

The strong Italian climber Enrico Baistrocchi has managed the first repeat of the boudlery Oniyx 8c, first ascended by Markus Bock at Chironico, Switzerland. Massimo Malpezzi has the story.




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