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28.04.2020 by Raphaela Haug in Alpinism

A perfect Patagonia premiere. By Raphaela Haug

German alpinist Raphaela Haug talks about her first trip to Patagonia with climbing partner Laura Tiefenthaler, during which they climbed Cerro Torre and, with Barbara Vigl, ascended Fitz Roy.

10.04.2020 by Sílvia Vidal in Alpinism

Sílvia Vidal completes 33-day solo ascent of Sincronia Magica on Cerro Chileno Grande, Patagonia

After spending 33 days alone on the wall from 07/02 - 10/03/2020, Silvia Vidal completed a new big wall climb up the West Face of Cerro Chileno Grande in Patagonia, Chile. Sincronia Magica (A3+/6a+, 1200m circa) is the first route up the mountain’s west face.

27.03.2020 by Nicolas Favresse in Alpinism

Aguja Poincenot, Nico Favresse and Sean Villanueva climb another two routes in Patagonia

Belgian alpinist Nicolas Favresse reports about another two routes climbed with Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll on Aguja Poincenot in Patagonia: Beggars Banket (7a, 400m) first ascended on the East Face directly above the Whillans ramp and, on the South Face, the first repeat and first free ascent of Historia interminable (6c, 800m).

19.03.2020 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Luka Lindič & Luka Krajnc add new route to Aguja Saint-Exupéry in Patagonia

Interview with Slovenian alpinists Luka Lindič and Luka Krajnc after their first ascent of Mir, a new climb up Aguja Saint-Exupéry in Patagonia.

05.03.2020 by Siebe Vanhee in Alpinism

Big wall explored in Valle de la Plata, Patagonia, by Siebe Vanhee, Max Didier, Austin & Ian Siadak

During a committing rock climbing expedition in February 2020 to Valle de la Plata in Chile’s Northern Patagonia, Max Didier, Austin Siadak, Ian Siadak and Siebe Vanhee established Bailando con la Lluvia, a 700m big wall up the west face of the hitherto virgin peak Pared de La Plata. After reaching the summit with the use of A2 aid, the team returned and established a 7a free version. The wall had been attempted by Tola Señoret, Juan Señoret, Mike Sanchez and Sebastian Schmidt in 2014 but had remained unclimbed. Vanhee reports

03.03.2020 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Cerro Torre's immense rime ice mushroom avalanche

The video of the recent rime ice mushroom collapse on Cerro Torre in Patagonia, filmed by Russian mountaineer Dmitry Golovchenko.

Aguja Poincenot, Patagonia: 40º Gruppo Ragni route finally repeated

Italian mountaineer Matteo Della Bordella reports about his repeat with Matteo Bernasconi and Matteo Pasquetto of the 40º Gruppo Ragni di Lecco climb on the north face of Aguja Poincenot in Patagonia, established in 1986 by Mario Panzeri, Paolo Vitali, Marco Della Santa and Daniele Bosisio. While this is likely to be the first repeat, it was certainly a great 800m adventure up 'a fantastic route', climbed all free and onsight.

19.02.2020 by Nicolas Favresse in Alpinism

Nicolas Favresse, Sean Villanueva climb new route on Cerro Standhardt in Patagonia

On Aguja Standhardt in Patagonia Belgian climbers Nico Favresse and Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll have made the first ascent the mixed climb El Flechazo (850m, 7b, M3, WI5+).

18.02.2020 by Planetmountain in Interviews

Cerro Torre Climb & Fly Fabian Buhl interview

Interview with 29-year-old German mountaineer Fabian Buhl who on 7 February flew off Cerro Torre in Patagonia with his paraglider.

14.02.2020 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Marc-Andre's Visión completed on Torre Egger in Patagonia

Brette Harrington, Quentin Roberts and Horacio Gratton have completed Marc-Andre’s Visión, a new route up the East Face of Torre Egger in Patagonia envisaged in 2016 by the late Marc-André Leclerc.

Ragni di Lecco add new route to Aguja Standhardt in Patagonia

On the north face of the Aguja Standhardt in Patagonia the Italian alpinists Matteo Bernasconi, Matteo Della Bordella and Matteo Pasquetto have established Il dado è tratto. The new route provides 'spectacular' climbing. Della Bordella reports directly from El Chalten.

12.02.2020 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Fabian Buhl's Patagonia Cerro Torre paraglide flight footage

The video of Fabian Buhl paragliding off the summit of Cerro Torre in Patagonia on 7 February 2020.

08.02.2020 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Fabian Buhl paraglides off Cerro Torre

Paralpinism in Patagonia: German mountaineer Fabian Buhl has made a paraglide flight off the summit of Cerro Torre in Patagonia. The 29-year-old is the first to do so after reaching the summit by his own means.

07.02.2020 by Lukas Hinterberger in Alpinism

Cerro Cachet NE Face first ascent in Patagonia by Lukas Hinterberger, Nicolas Hojac, Stephan Siegrist

While climbing in Northern Patagonia, Swiss mountaineers Lukas Hinterberger, Nicolas Hojac and Stephan Siegrist made the first ascent of the NE Face of Cerro Cachet . The route has been called Homenaje a los amigos perdidos in memory of David Lama, Ueli Steck and Julian Zanker. Hinterberger reports.

02.02.2020 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Cerro Piergiorgio in Patagonia, new east face climb by Alessandro Bau, Giovanni Zaccaria

On the east face of Cerro Piergiorgio in Patagonia Italian mountain guides Alessandro Baù and Giovanni Zaccaria have made the first ascent of Scrumble de manzana.

31.01.2020 by Siebe Vanhee in Alpinism

Siebe Vanhee fires fine big walls in Cochamó valley, Chile

Belgian rock climber Siebe Vanhee reports about his ascents of three big wall climbs in Cochamó valley in Chilean Patagonia: repeats of Sundance on Cerro Trinidad with Diego Diazaguilera and El Condor Pasa on Trinidad Central with Max Didier, and the first ascent of Jardines de Piedras on Cerro la Sombra in Valle la Luz with Max Didier and Ian Siadak.

25.01.2020 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Cerro Torre East Face, 2019 Matteo Della Bordella and Matteo Pasquetto attempt

The video of Matteo Della Bordella and Matteo Pasquetto attempting the east face of Cerro Torre (Patagonia) up the British Diedre route.

24.09.2019 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Aaron Durogati, Mirco Grasso, tandem paraglide off Marmolada halfway ledge

On Sunday 15 September 2019 Aaron Durogati and Mirco Grasso climbed Moby Dick up the South Face of Marmolada in the Dolomites to the famous halfway ledge from where they took off with a two-person paraglider. The experience reminded the South Tyrolean pilot of his recent paraglides in Patagonia.

Christophe Henry, Juan Señoret ski Colmillo Del Diablo in Patagonia

France’s Christophe Henry is currently on an extended skiing trip to Chile where he has scored a number of first ski descents, including Colmillo Del Diablo in Patagonia with Juan Señoret.

11.08.2019 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Free South Africa on Paine Towers in Patagonia, the Nico Favresse, Sean Villanueva, Ben Ditto ascent video

The video of the first free ascent of the South African route on the east face of the Central Tower of Paine, Patagonia, carried out in 2009 by Nicolas Favresse, Sean Villanueva and Ben Ditto.




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