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13.10.2019 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Corsica climbing, new Bavella multi-pitch by Arnaud Petit & Co

In the Bavella massif in Corsica, Laurent Auguste, Manoël Couprie, Emmanuel Faber, Arnaud Petit and Jean-Claude Razel have made the first ascent of the multi-pitch rock climb La danse de Ganesh up Punta di U Corbu.

19.09.2018 by Thierry Souchard in Climbing

Corsica: summer rock climbing on the island’s best crags

Sport climbing in Corsica: the best summer crags to climb in the shade and avoid the sweltering heat. By Thierry Souchard and Maurizio Oviglia

31.10.2016 by Maurizio Oviglia in Alpinism

Corsica, Bavella: Rolando Larcher and Maurizio Oviglia forge Ro.Ma. up Punta U Corbu

On the 'most beautiful and famous big wall in Corsica', i.e. Punta U Corbu at Col de Bavella, Rolando Larcher and Maurizio Oviglia have completed their 'Ro-Ma Project’ to create the new multi-pitch rock climb Ro.Ma. (180m, 7c max, 7a+ obl). Oviglia provides the details.

23.11.2015 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Bavella: new Ragni di Lecco rock climb in Corsica

The video by Camilla Cerretti about the first ascent of Access Interdit, a new rock climb established by Giovanni Ongaro, Davide Spini and Maurizio Tasca in spring 2015 in the Bavella massif, Corsica.

24.03.2015 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Hansjörg Auer and Much Mayr climb new Corsica granite

Austrian climbers Hansjörg Auer and Much Mayr have made the first ascent of Le Petit Prince (8a, 400m) up the West Face of Capu Cascioni in Corsica

27.02.2015 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Stéphanie Bodet climbing Octogénèse in Corsica

The short film Of the rock I asked for the moon, starring French climber Stéphanie Bodet on Octogénèse in Corsica

11.07.2014 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Bouldering in Corsica

Olivier Broussouloux and Laurence Guyon introduce the bouldering in Corsica, France.

27.03.2014 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Corsica new climb by Arnaud Petit and Jeff Arnoldi

French climbers Arnaud Petit and Jeff Arnoldi have completed Le non-sens et la joie (8a, 250m), a new route up the West face of Capu Cascioni, close to Porto on the western side of Corsica

24.03.2014 by Maurizio Oviglia in Climbing

Bavella climbing in Corsica: Punta A Biciartula

Maurizio Oviglia reveals Punta A Biciartula at Bavella, Corsica; pure pleasure climbing up some of the most beautiful and unique granite in the world.

17.06.2013 by Planetmountain in Alpinism

Jeef, the route and the beauty of climbing in Bavella, Corsica

In praise of climbing and nature's beauty. This is Jeef, the route first ascended in 1992 by the French brothers François & Arnaud Petit on Punta U Corbu in Bavella (Corsica). A small masterpiece, examined by Maurizio Oviglia and Arnaud Petit.

21.05.2012 by Maurizio Oviglia in Climbing

Bavella 2012, two new rock climbs in Corsica by Giupponi, Larcher, Oviglia and Sartori

At the start of May 2012 in Corsica's Bavella massif the Italians Rolando Larcher and Maurizio Oviglia made the first ascent of Vecchia Felpa on Punta U Peru (190m, 7c max /RS2/I) while Luca Giupponi and Nicola Sartori made the firts ascent of Tafunata Galattica up the Contrafforti di Punta A Muvra (185m, 7b+ max 1 section FB7B/RS2/I). The route topo, report, team spirit and the fascinating Bavella by Maurizio Oviglia.

04.05.2012 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Corsica climbs for Zangerl and Bodet

In Corsica's Bavella Barbara Zangerl has repeated Delicatessen (8b, 120m), while Stéphanie Bodet has repeated Octogénèse (8a+, 300m).

14.04.2012 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Sintomi strani, new climb in Corsica by Della Bordella and Bacci

In the Bavella mountain range in Corsica Matteo della Bordella and David Bacci have made the first ascent of Sintomi strani and have repeated De Rerum Natura, established by Rolando Larcher and Maurizio Oviglia.

24.05.2011 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Delicatessen, first repeat in Corsica's Bavella after 10 years by Nina Caprez, Cédric Lachat

Cédric Lachat and Nina Caprez have carried out the first and second repeat of Delicatessen at Punta d’u Corbu at Col de la Bavella, Corsica. The 120m high 8b was established by Arnaud Petit and Stéphane Husson in 1992 and freed by Arnaud in 2001.

06.05.2010 by Planetmountain in Climbing

De rerum natura, new route by Oviglia and Larcher at Bavella, Corsica

On 16 April Maurizio Oviglia and Rolando Larcher carried out the first free ascent of De rerum natura (230m, 7c max, 7a obbl, /RS2+/II) on Punta u Corbu at Col de la Bavella, Corsica.

09.10.2006 by Nicholas Hobley in Trekking

Corsica H2O - Trekking in search of fresh water

Trekking in Corsica from Val Restonica with Lac de Melo and Lac de Capitello to the fantastic walks in the Bavella granite.

09.10.2006 by PlanetMountain in Trekking

Trekking in Corsica

Four treks in Val Niello, Val Restonica, and Col de Bavella to discover the fresh water reserves in Corsica.

14.07.2001 by Maurizo Oviglia in Climbing

Corsica rock climbing

Climbing on Corsica: a selection of some of the best multi-pitch rock climbs in Bavella, Val Restonica and Valle du Tavignano. By Maurizio Oviglia.

26.05.2001 by Mauro Calibani in Climbing

Mauro Calibani, bouldering tour in Sardinia, Corsica and Col del Lys

Mauro Calibani, sends boulder problems in Sardinia, Corsica and Col del Lys. Of note are "Squalo 3-3D" 8a+ at Punta di Capineru (Corsica) and "Icaro" 8a at Col del Lys




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