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23.03.2020 by Planetmountain in Competitions

Adam Ondra statics dyno at Paris 2016 Bouldering World Championship

The video of Adam Ondra who in 2016 at the Bouldering World Championship in Paris invented a static sequence to avoid a huge dyno and win the silver medal.

17.03.2020 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Adam Ondra, one of my most memorable falls ever

In the weekly climbing vlog Adam Ondra analyses the fear of falling, suggests how to overcome vertigo and shows footage of one of his most memorable falls.

22.01.2020 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Hugo Parmentier powers up his first 9b, Eagle-4 at St. Léger du Ventoux

21-year-old French climber Hugo Parmentier has made the first repeat of Eagle-4, the 9b sport climb at St. Léger du Ventoux in France freed by Adam Ondra in 2018.

08.01.2020 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Adam Ondra climbing the best boulder ever built

The video of Adam Ondra on what the Czech climber describes as the best boulder ever built, an narrow arête located on an underpass near Brno in the Czech Republic.

29.11.2019 by Planetmountain in Competitions

Sport climbing Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: women's qualifiers in Toulouse today

The second, decisive Olympic Qualifying Event for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games continues today in Toulouse, France, with the women’s qualification. Live streaming starts at 11:00 with Speed, followed by Boulder at 13:00 and Lead at 16:45. Those who got a pass yesterday are Adam Ondra, YuFei Pan, Alberto Ginés López, Jan Hojer, Bassa Mawem and Nathaniel Coleman

21.10.2019 by Planetmountain in Competitions

Adam Ondra and Chaehyun Seo win Lead World Cup 2019

Climbing competitions: the 2019 Lead World Cup was won yesterday in Xiamen, China, by Adam Ondra demo the Czech Republic and Chaehyun Seo from South Korea. Both won the penultimate stage, while Taisei Homma and Akiyo Noguchi took silver and Tomoa Narasaki and Jain Kim took bronze. The last stage of the Speed World Cup 2019 was won by QiXin Zhong and Aries Susanti Rahayu, who set the new world record at 6.99 seconds. The overall Speed World Cup 2019 was won by YiLing Song and Bassa Mawem.

10.10.2019 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Age of Adam Ondra - the current limit of sport climbing

The film Age of Ondra, directed by Sender Films. A fascinating portrait of Czech climber Adam Ondra as he struggles with Silence, the world’s first 9c, with Crackinette, ie the first-ever 9a+ flash, and his attempt to repeat a 9b in a single day.

06.10.2019 by Planetmountain in Competitions

Lučka Rakovec and Adam Ondra crowned European Climbing Champions in Edinburgh

Adam Ondra and Lučka Rakovec have been crowned European Lead Champions today at Edinburgh in Scotland. Alberto Ginés López and Laura Rogora placed second, Sascha Lehmann and Luce Douady third.

01.10.2019 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Adam Ondra climbing Qui, the Stefan Fürst masterpiece at Geisterschmiedwand

The video of Adam Ondra making the first repeat of Qui, the 9a+ sport climb freed in 1996 by Stefan Fürst at the Austrian crag Geisterschmiedwand.

30.09.2019 by Planetmountain in Competitions

Adam Ondra and Chaehyun Seo control Kranj

The fourth stage of the Lead World Cup 2019 was won in Kranj, Slovenia, yesterday by Adam Ondra and Chaehyun Seo. Jessica Pilz and Kai Harada took silver, Lučka Rakovec and Alberto Ginés López bronze.

24.09.2019 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Adam Ondra, Arco and Stefano Ghisolfi

Adam Ondra climbing in one of his all-time favorite places: Arco, Italy. With one of the all-time strongest climbers, Stefano Ghisolfi.

21.09.2019 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Adam Ondra crushes Qui, first repeat of Stefan Fürst 1996 masterpiece

The Czech climber Adam Ondra has made the first repeat of Qui at Geisterschmiedwand in Austria, established in 1996 by Austria’s Stefan Fürst.

05.09.2019 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Adam Ondra, success and disaster at the 2019 Climbing World Championships in Japan

The video of Adam Ondra analysing his successes and failures at the recent Climbing World Championships held in Hachioji, Japan where the Czech climber was crowned Lead world champion but failed to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

29.08.2019 by Planetmountain in Events

Rock Master Stories, Arco hosts the Champions evening on Friday

Adam Ondra, Mina Markovič, Stefano Ghisolfi and Jakob Schubert, or four absolute sport climbing champions, will talk about their early climbing competitions at the Youth World Championships 2019 in Arco. David Lama, Albino Marchi and Giuseppe Filippi will be remembered during the evening event.

15.08.2019 by Planetmountain in Competitions

Janja Garnbret, Adam Ondra crowned Lead World Champions 2019

Janja Garnbret from Slovenia and Adam Ondra from the Czech Republic extended their legacy earlier today by winning the Lead World Championship in Hachioji, Japan. Mia Krampl and Alexander Megos took silver, Ai Mori and Jakob Schubert bronze.

15.07.2019 by Planetmountain in Competitions

Adam Ondra and Chaehyun Seo stars in Chamonix

The second stage of the Lead World Cup 2019 was won in Chamonix on Saturday night by 15-year-old Chaehyun Seo and Adam Ondra. The Speed World Cup stage was won by YiLing Song and Alfian Muhammad.

09.07.2019 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Adam Ondra talks Silence, the hardest route in the world

The video analysis by Adam Ondra of his Silence at Flatanger in Norway, the most difficult sport climb in the world.

18.06.2019 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Sébastien Bouin climbs Move, Adam Ondra's 9b/+ at Flatanger in Norway

Seb Bouin from France yesterday made the first repeat of Move at the Hanshelleren cave in Flatanger, Norway, established in 2013 by Adam Ondra.

10.06.2019 by Angela Eiter in Climbing

Angela Eiter powers through Pure Dreaming at Massone, Arco

Austrian rock climber Angela Eiter reports about her recent redpoint of Pure Dreaming, a 9a sports climb freed by Adam Ondra at Massone, Arco, Italy.

20.05.2019 by Planetmountain in Climbing

Jakob Schubert and Janja Garnbret king and queen of Munich

The fifth stage of the Bouldering World Cup 2019 was won yesterday by Jakob Schubert and Janja Garnbret in Munich, Germany. Fanny Gibert and Adam Ondra took silver, Mia Krampl and Jan Hojer bronze.




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