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The Icefalls

1) Super Max II, 3

One of the most popular falls with visitors, often climbed as an introduction to the valley.
Located in front of the “Alpenhotel Kerschhackl Hof”, this obvious icefall is easy to find. Park on the side of the road opposite the “Alpenhotel Kerschhackl Hof”, cross the frozen river Malta to reach a good path (visible even when there is lots of snow) and continue left. Allow approx. 10 min. for the walk-in.
In detail
After an easy start (2 pitches), the upper section widens and various lines can be climbed (1-2 pitches).
Descent: via abseil on good trees.
Height: 150m

2) Kerschhackl Fall III, 4-5

Difficult 4 pitch route, only for experienced ice climbers.
As for Super Max, but turn right when you reach the good path after crossing the river Malta. Depending on which part of the wide ice wall you climb, follow one of the two streams that lead to the beginning of the steep section above. Allow approx. 30 min. for the walk-in.
Descent: via abseil.
Height: 120m

Small ice curtain for beginners:

Suitable for beginners or friends still new to ice climbing, this small ice curtain is located opposite the little chapel, 1 km before the “Kerschackl Hof”.
To get there, park approx. 500m after the “Fell- und Mineralienstube” in the parking lot next to the suspension bridge. Cross this and follow the path until a sign points to “Lodronsteig”. Follow this to the right to reach the wall of ice after approx. 500m.
Other ice fields, ideal for beginners, form to the right of icefall 2. Their formation changes from one year to the next, making it impossible to give a detailed description here.

3) Aluhol IV, 4

Beautiful 4-5 pitch route.
Continue past the toll station and bridge to the end of the second hairpin curve. Here a forest track leads left. Park so that other vehicles can get past. Follow this road for approx. 300m then turn right, past the deer feeding station on the left, and walk straight up to the base of the icefall. Allow approx. 30 min. for the walk-in.
Descent: via abseil.
Height: 200m

4) Kleiner Dreifaltigkeitsfall III, 3-4

Situated just 300 m right of „Aluhol“, this 2 pitch route overcomes compact, steep ice up to 85°.
Park as for Aluhol, but walk up the forest track for only 200m and follow the stream to reach the base of the climb.
Height: 70m

5) Columbus Wall II-III, 4-5

Three or four independent, mid-grade lines can be climbed on this wide icefall. It varies in size depending on the temperature, and there is also some potential for mixed routes.
The base is reached via abseil, enabling the routes to be easily toproped.
Continue up the “Malta Hochalmstraße” for about 3 km to the small sign “Dr. Gustav Renker Ruhe” on a tree on the right; park here. The icefall is situated in the Malta canyon, down to the right.
The walk-in takes about 2 min.
Height: 50m

6) Strannerbach Fall III, 2-3

Highly popular 400m route on 30-80° ice. Perfect for „plaisir ice climbing“!
Continue up the “Malta Hochalmstraße” for about 4 km, until you cross a small bridge (tiny hut on the right.).
The walk-in takes about 2 min.
Descent: via abseil

7) Kathedrale III, 5-6

For experienced ice climbers only!
Park at the bridge at the Strannerbachfall and walk up the road for approx. 300m. Turn left into the forest and walk straight up to the base of the climb, situated at about 1300m.
The walk-in takes approx. 30-45 min.
In detail
The first 100m lead up 40-80° ice to a massive 30m column. The final 120m are on slightly easier terrain with 50 – 75° ice.
Descent: via abseil to the right of the fall.
Height: 260m

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