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8) Wintasun III, 4

This icefall faces east and is worth getting up early for. The route starts easy but becomes progressively harder.
Continue up the “Malta Hochalmstraße” for about 4.5 km to the “Gasthaus Hochbrücke” sign on the right. Park the car about 100m before the sign, on the bend (near the bus stop).
The icefalls 8, 9 and 10 can be seen above to the left, in the middle and in the first gorge to the right. The path starts on the bend. Enter the forest and after about 50m continue slightly left and walk up to about 1350m. Depending on where you come out of the forest, follow the base of the wall to the right or left to reach the icefall. Wintasun and Gamseck are situated only 100 m apart.
Descent: via abseil on trees and anchors to the left of the fall
Height: 90m

9) Gamseck IV+, 4

Situated just 100m to the right of Wintasun, this nice climb is divided into two distinct sections.
As for Wintasun
In detail
A first steep pitch leads to three pleasant pitches on 40-60° ice to its end.
Descent: via three abseils
Height: 210m

10) Superfeucht III, 3-4

Without a doubt “the” classic route in the valley. Conditions remain good because of its protected location within the gorge, and it can often still be climbed when everything else has fallen down.
Park the car as for Wintasun and Gamseck, enter the forest and after about 50m continue slightly right in the forest up to the steep slope, until the entrance to the gorge comes into view. Turn right before entering the gorge as loose rock and ice often fall from the crag on the left. The base of the icefall is situated about 50m higher to the right.
Descent: via abseils off the tree to the left and subsequently good anchors. The tree can be reached by topping out to the left and then downclimbing a few meters.

11) Hochalmbach WI III+, 3

This 80m fall is good introduction to steeper terrain since it tackles 40 – 80° ice. It does not form every year but the walk in is good training!
Park at the Gmündner Hütte, walk down to the river and follow the stream up valley to the base of the fall on the left. This icefall is hard to miss since it is so clearly visible from the road.
Descent: via 50m abseil to the left of the fall.

12) Vorderer Maohralm Fall WI III, 3-4

Continue up the “Malta Hochalmstraße” for about 6 km to the “Lange Wand Tunnel” (closed in winter). Park shortly before the tunnel (beware of ice and rock fall!) or at the “Gmündner Hütte” (recommended if there is a lot of snow). Walk through the tunnel and after about 500m turn right.
In detail
The lower section is not very hard on 50-70° ice. The upper section is steeper and can be climbed to the left or to the right.
Descent: via abseil off trees to the right of the fall. Not staightforward.
Height: 150m

13) Hinterer Moahralm Fall
No detailed route information is currently available.
Park as for Vorderer Maohralm Fall, walk through the tunnel and after about 700m turn left.

14) Fallbach

One of the largest waterfalls in Europe, it comes into condition only in the coldest of winters. Don’t be disappointed if it’s unclimbable – it’s still absolutely fantastic just to look at!
In summer the „Alpintreff“ offers canyoning trips down this unique fall.
Fallbach is located next to the “Gasthaus Faller”, clearly visible from the road. Park here, enter the yard, continue past the house and corn mill and on through the field to the base of the icefall.
Height: 230m
Please leave route information and a topo in the „Malteinerhof“ if lucky enough to climb it!

15) Schleierwasserfall

It is said that this can be climbed in some winters, but it has received few ascents and tends to be extremely unstable. In summer the water forms a spectacular veil, while in winter huge icicles loom high above.
Park opposite the “Alpenhotel Kerschhackl Hof”, on the side of the road. Walk back in the direction you came from and turn left before the wooden building, at the end of the field. Walk along the base of the cliff to the icefall.
Height: 60m
Please leave route information and a topo in the „Malteinerhof“!

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