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The Maltatal, poetically described by the German author Dr. Gustav Renker as „the valley of tumbling water“, is one of the most beautiful areas in Upper Carinthia. Located in the eastern foothills of the Hoher Tauern, this valley bears the scars of glacial erosion that occurred during the ice age.

The characteristic U-shaped valley transforms into a narrow canyon in its upper reaches. Here the glacial meltwater flows from high above and, fed by smaller streams, tumbles down steep walls in a perfect choreography.

Almost all waterfalls freeze in winter, creating an enchanting wonderland for ice climbers. Almost all conceivable ice formations of all grades can be found here. And best of all: most can be reached within half an hour!

However, remember that the alpine region can occasionally show it’s rough side: biting cold, strong winds and heavy snowfall can turn last week’s lovely ice climbing afternoon into a serious and challenging day out.

But whatever the weather, the “Maltatal” is a great place for novices and experts alike.

Getting there:

The Maltatal is situated in Austria’s Carinthia, near Spittal a. Dr. It can be reached via the A 10 – Tauernautobahn motorway (Villach – Spittal a. Dr.) and exiting at Gmünd/Maltatal. Alternatively, for those coming from the South Tyrol, take the B100 from Lienz to Spittal a. Dr. and from here take the A10.

Drive past “Gmünd” and then continue for about 14km, following the “Malta -Hochalmstraße” signs, to the “Alpenhotel Kerschackl Hof” on the right. The “Malta Hochalmstraße” toll station (closed in winter) is situated 1 km further up valley. Park beside the station on the "Faller Alm". Please note that if you carry on (as many do), you do so at your own risk; this is private road and it is therefore technically illegal to continue.
Chains are highly recommended, as the road is not cleared and often icy.
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