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Annapurna trekking in Nepal
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Either return along the same route, allowing 3 or 4 days to reach Pokhara, or continue to Gorepani and link up with the famous Kali Gandaki valley and its beautiful villages, thereby completing a fantastic trekking circle.

Il Machapuchare al tramonto
Machapuchare at sunset

As one gains height the vegetation becomes more arid and one glimpses the impressive Gauri Shankar.

 Modi Khola

Typical path in the Modi Khola valley

Il villaggio di Bamboo
The village Bamboo, Nepal

Annapurna at dawn from Tarapani

Return from Annapurna B.C.

Day 1
Annapurna Base Camp – Chomrong
6/7 hours
Return along the upper section of the fascinating Modi Kola valley, away from the giant mountains which, just a few hours earlier, dominated the skyline. As you descend the vegetation becomes more lush and the air noticeably easier to breathe.

Day 2
Chomrong – Ghorapani
7/8 hours
This long stage passes through crowded Chomrong and leads into an area less populated than the previous valley. The few villages are less equipped for tourism and the entire area is fascinating because of its wild nature - the forest close to Tarapani (2720m) boasts rhododendron bushes over 25 m high! The stage could be cut short here, but we recommend spending the night at the more hospitable Ghorapani.

Day 3
Ghorapani – Tatopani
6 hours

At Ghorapani don't miss out on the beautiful and popular Poon Hill: at dawn the view from this enormous outcrop at 3200m over Dhalaugiri, Annapurna and Machapuchare is truly spectacular and memorable.
After this early morning start the trek continues towards Tatopani, famous for its thermal waters (Tatopani stands for hot water) located close to Kali Gandaki, the river that gave the valley its name. Sadly the thermal pools were destroyed in a recent landslide, and it is no longer possible to have a quick swim before continuing along the trek.
The Kali Gandaki valley is popular with trekkers and more densely inhabited - one immediately senses that the end of the trek is nigh.

Day 4
Tatopani – Galesawar
7 hours
The long and tiring descent follows the western bank of Kli Gandaki to Galesawar, where the comfortable "River Side Lodge" offers a welcome respite for the night, as does the welcoming lodge located immediately after the bridge on the right. The lodges situated along the descent offer less and are therefore not recommended.

Day 5
Galesawar – Beni
2 hours

A short stage finishes off the trek at Beni. From here, depending on your finances or courage, take either a jeep or bus to Pokhara.

Day 6
A day at Pokhara is highly recommended before returning to Kathmandu. One of the highlights is watching dawn break over the southern shores of Lake Phewa - on a still day the Himalaya reflect gloriously in its waters.

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