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Ski mountaineering in Morocco
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skiing in Morocco
Bracing against the snow storm in the High Atlas, Morocco

1. Toubkal 4167m
From the refuge cross the river and ascend the steep gully immediately in front of the refuge. After having gained about 300m in height the angle of the slope decreases and the wide gully continues undulatingly to the wide bowl. Follow the slope rightwards to the crest. If there is plenty of snow then it is possible to continue on skies, otherwise leave them beneath the Tizi n' Toubkal saddle and continue on foot to the summit (4 hours).

Descend along the ascent route. Alternatively descend to the north into the Ikhibi valley (3100m) and climb back up to the refuge (see itinerary no.2 on the map).

3. Timesguida 4089m
From the refuge ascend the main Mizane valley that leads up to Tizi n'Ouagane. This narrows at about half-height and the route leads through a narrow gorge to then widen once more. Continue easily to the Tizi n'Ouagane col at 3720m (2.30 hrs). Leave the skis and continue up an easy scramble to the eastern crest of Timesguida, keeping to the right of the cairns. The crest then widens out to become a large open rocky slope which leads easily to the summit at 4083m (1.30 hrs).

Ras N'Ouanoukrim 4083m
From the summit of Timesguida descend easily down the N face and up to the summit of Ras N'Ouanoukrim.

Descend along the ascent route. Expert skiers can consider the NE couloir that starts immediately beneath the summit of Ras N'Ouanoukrim. 35 degrees steep, it should only be skied in perfect conditions (see itinerary no.4 on the map).

5. Akioud 4010m
From the refuge ascend the main Mizane valley. After having gained about 125m in height a narrow steep gully appears on the right (30 mins). Ascend this to a wide open basin. Continue up the slope, ignoring the obvious Tizi n'Amrharas n'Igliova saddle on the right, situated at the base of the south crest of Monte Afella. Instead ascend leftwards towards a steep gully (1.45 hrs). Leave the skis at the base of this gully and ascend to the saddle 100m above. Continue with crampons without great difficulty to the summit (circa 150m, 1.00 hr).

Descend along the ascent route.

skiing in Africa
The sweeping view from the summit of Akioud over the Mizane valley
The Neltner Refuge is situated at just over 3200m and many travellers definitely feel the altitude if coming directly from Marrakech. Spending a night in Aroumd is therefore highly recommended, since this gives the body time to acclimatise properly.

Normal ski mountaineering equipment (which obviously includes a rescue beacon, an ice axe and crampons).

High Atlas map
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Imil - Aroumd- Neltner Refuge
Transfer all luggage onto the mules and continue on foot along the dirt track in about 30 minutes to Aroumd, where it is recommended to spend the night acclimatising.

From Aroumd continue along the stony valley bottom and then climb gently up the left flank to reach S'Chamharouch, a small village nestled close to the river Tallate (1.30 hrs). The obvious mule path rises steeply on the right-hand side of the valley to the Neltner refuge, 3207m (2.30 hrs).

Neltner refuge
Climbing away from the Neltner refuge


Toubkal, skiing in Morocco
The final meters to the summit of Mt. Toubkal, the highest peak in N.Africa

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