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Introduction - Getting there

Lydia, to the dam
From the cable car at Punta Rocca descend leftwards, leaving the piste behind you to the right. A steeper slope leads to the wide descent gully where it is possible to ski freely in search of some perfect powder! The angle eases off lower down and the two immense rocky outcrops are soon reached. These tower over the otherwise featureless North Face of the Marmolada. Continue beneath the left-hand walls of the Sasso delle Dodici and then join the piste which leads to the dam. If no car has been left here prior to the descent, then you'll probably have to hitch a lift back to the Passo Fedaia (usually this isn't too difficult).

Lydia, returning to the pass
Follow the previous itinerary to where the slope steepens before the two rocky outcrops. This time descend hugging the right flank of the Sasso delle Undici. Traverse rightwards immediately beneath this, being careful not to lose any height and then continue rightwards down smallish gullies, choosing the best line to return to the Pass. This final part may be dangerous in unstable snow conditions. If this is the case it is worth descending to the lake and returning along the path on foot.

Snowboarding down "Lydia", Marmolada
Roberto Bressan letting it rip
Marmolada Map

Old piste
This is the best descent to start the day off and test the snow conditions . Leave the piste after a few meters by heading towards the Sasso delle Undici. Ski down a small gully immediately to the right of the imposing towers and rejoin the piste at either the first or the second sharp bend. At the beginning of the season look out for open crevasses in the final section.

Old Bellunese
This is a good descent because the snow tends to remain fresh powder. From the top of the ski lift descend to the right of the piste staying close to the shadowy Serauta face. After the initial section, clearly visible from the ski lift, the descent becomes increasingly isolated and wild, until an obvious spur is reached. From here ski leftwards down a beautiful slope to rejoin the piste.

Punta Penia 3,343m
After having taken the Pian dei Fiacconi lift put on your snowshoes (or climbing skins) and begin to ascend diagonally towards the Gran Vernel to the bowl beneath the North Face of the Marmolada. Continue inside this and then ascend to the right where a steep section leads to the summit crest (crampons may be necessary in hard snow conditions). Follow the crest to reach the summit.

The descent follows the ascent route, but instead of returning to the Pian dei Fiacconi piste, continue off-piste and reach a narrow canyon which soon opens up to the slopes below. Keep to the right and descend next to the walls of the Col dei Boush. Pass directly underneath this and progress rightwards to arrive at the start of the lift. The traverse is both tiring and exposed: be particularly careful when the snow is crusty. Although this ascent is demanding, both physically and mentally, it is nevertheless extremely satisfying. It should only be undertaken when the snow conditions are perfect.
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