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Sardinia's sea cliffs
Best time of year
The best time of year for climbing in Sardinia is autumn or spring. September is particularly good since the sea is beautifully warm and the island relatively free of tourists. Summer is unbearably hot and winter can often be too cold and windy.

path to Cala Goloritzè

Getting there
By plane: fly to Cagliari, Olbia or Alghero and then hire a car.

By car: take one of the numerous ferries from Genova, Livorno, Rome or Naples to Olbia. From Olbia take the highways SS125 and SS131 southwards towards Nuoro. Exit before Nuoro following signs to Dorgali. Shortly after this town a signposted road leads left through a tunnel down to Cala Gonone (approx. 100km, 1.5 hrs).

Baunei is reached via the winding SS125 from Dorgagli in about an hour (50km).

For ferry information visit either or

Food and accommodation
Wild camping is strictly prohibited in the National Park, but the municipal campsite in Cala Gonone is prohibitively expensive! Rooms or apartments can easily be found by asking around - expect to pay between Lit 20-25.000/head.

There are small supermarkets in Cala Gonone and Baunei, while to the north of Olbia there is an enormous out-of-town shopping mall.

Gennargentu Ultimo paradiso guidebookGuidebooks
The Gennargentu, which has many more areas than just the four sea cliffs mentioned in this article, is covered by Maurizio Oviglia's excellent "Gennargentu Ultimo paradiso". It is published in Italian/English and costs Lit 28.000.

Sardinia offers much more than sea cliffs within this National Park: routes of all length, grade and rock type have been set up to the north, the south and inland. Those interested in discovering these gems should consult Maurizio Oviglia's "Pietra di Luna", an extensive, though not updated, guide to the entire island.
Alternatively, have a look at his website under

to Maurizio Oviglia, Lorenzo Nadali and Marcello Cominetti for route information, photos and drawings. Cominetti's website can be viewed under

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Cala Goloritzè
Regno dei Cieli
Punta Giradili
General information

Gennargentu map

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on the boat to Cala Luna
Approaching Cala Luna by boat
photo Marcello Cominetti
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