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Sardinia's sea cliffs
overlooking the Golfo di Orosei

One of Sardinia's best, this impressive and atmospheric cliff commands respect. The routes are sharp, technical and sustained, either vertical or slightly overhanging, and very exposed. They are reached via abseil and start way above the ledge at half-height. An abseil retreat is impossible so, if in doubt, leave a fixed rope.
Many routes were re-equipped in April 2000 by Lorenzo Nadali, who would like to thank Kong for donating the bolts.

Orientation: east facing

Height: 350m, but most routes are 2/3 pitches

Access: follow the SS125 to Baunei and turn left shortly before entering the village proper (sign for Ristorante del Golgo). Continue steeply uphill, turn right at the first hairpin bend (signposted Monte Ginnirco) and follow the dirt track to where it joins another road. Turn right and continue first down into the valley and then up, past further hairpin bends, to an open space and some shacks at Cuile su Idileddu. Leave the car here and follow vague tracks seawards to a copse of large trees and then down through a narrow valley. As this widens walk up its left slope and over razor-sharp weathered limestone to the top of the routes. These are marked but not easy to find - with a bit of luck and skill you should reach them in approx. 30 min.

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Cala Goloritzè
Regno dei Cieli
Punta Giradili
General information

Regno dei Cieli topo
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Regno dei Cieli
The impressive Regno dei Cieli.
The climbs start above the half-way ledge and are reached by abseil.

Un piedi in paradiso

An exposed abseil down "Un piede in paradiso".
Regno dei Cieli map
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