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  • Omiš


    Croatia, Dalmatia
    One of the biggest and most interesting areas for sports climbing in southern Croatia is certainly Omiš. Located 20km south of Sp ...
  • Leonidio - Hot Rock

    Leonidio - Hot Rock

    Greece, Peloponnese
    A town with approximately 6000 residents, Leonidio is built in a valley at the foot of Mount Parnon, on the east coast of Peloponn ...
  • Cresciano


    Switzerland, Ticino
    The start of the new millennium. These were the years of Dreamtime and the news about a new level in bouldering (8c, later downgra ...
  • Rocky Mountain National Park - Chaos Canyon

    Rocky Mountain National Park - Chaos Canyon

    USA, Colorado
    Boulder, Colorado, the epicenter of American climbing. This small town close to Denver at the foot of the Rockies attracts many of ...
  • Profilveggen - The Profile Wall

    Profilveggen - The Profile Wall

    Norway, Rogaland
    Jøssingfjord, situated by the coast in southern Rogaland, has for long been a destination for climbers. In the 80s a group of Bri ...
  • Paklenica


    Croatia, Dalmatia
    If you mention Croatia as a climbing destination, the first area that comes to mind is the Paklenica gorge. Understandably so, for ...
  • Valdu di Saltu

    Valdu di Saltu

    France, Corsica
    Rock climbing in Valdu di Saltu has a long history! It started 10 years ago when the urban district put in an order to valorize it ...
  • Albarracín


    Spain, Aragon
    You don't need to be a climber to fall in love with Albarracín. As its old medieval walls tumble down the hill to welcome you thi ...
  • Spilia Daveli - Σπηλία Νταβέλη

    Spilia Daveli - Σπηλία Νταβέλη

    Greece, Attica
    The mysterious cave on Mt. Penteli overlooking Athens, served as the hideout of notorious arch-bandit Davelis in the 19th century. ...
  • Mavrosouvala - Μαυροσουβάλα

    Mavrosouvala - Μαυροσουβάλα

    Greece, Attica
    Mavrosouvala is usually referenced as the best sport climbing crag in Athens. This is not an exaggeration especially if your climb ...
Most visited crags
  • Ceuse


    France, Haute Alpes
    Ceuse is widely considered one of the best crags in the world, and quite rightly so. Situated at an altitude of almost 1800m, this crag seems to have ...
  • Margalef


    Spain, Catalonia
    Margalef is a new rock climbing paradise in Spain, just a few hours away from both Montsant and Siurana. There are over 500 routes of all types and th ...
  • Les Calanques

    Les Calanques

    France, Provence
    Les Calanques, located on the outskirts of Marseilles and spanning all the way to Cassis 20km to the east, is one France's most famous natural beautie ...
  • Siurana


    Spain, Catalonia
    Hands up who has never heard of Siurana? For almost all climbers Siurana represents much more than just a small village lost in time perched on a clif ...
  • Buoux


    France, Provence
    In the mid-eighties, the strongest in the world agreed at least on one thing: Buoux was the best crag in the universe. They travelled from every corne ...
  • Verdon


    France, Haute-Provence
    If the mountaineering trilogy is composed of the Eiger, the Grandes Jorasses and the Matterhorn, the climbing equivalent is the Verdon, Ceuse and Buou ...
  • Rodellar


    Spain, Aragon
    Deep in Spain's Sierra de Guara lies one of Europe's most famous climbing areas: Rodellar. This limestone eldorado, which takes its name from the tiny ...
  • Zillertal Ewige Jagdgründe

    Zillertal Ewige Jagdgründe

    Austria, Tyrol
    Imagine a beautiful green narrow valley with pasturing cows and snow-capped peaks. A stream gushes happily through it, and a small road winds upwards, ...
  • Ospo


    Slovenia, Istria
    This excellent crag is a great introduction to climbing in Slovenia and should not be missed out on. The single pitches are slabby or vertical on comp ...
  • Kalymnos - Grande Grotta

    Kalymnos - Grande Grotta

    Greece, Kalymnos
    One of the most important crags on Kalymnos lies just above the sleepy village Armeos. In actual fact this immense rock face, called Grande Grotta, is ...

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Erto No Big - Friuli Venezia Giulia

FALESIA: Erto No Big
Ciao, ho provato 2 volte la via "numero 8" e sinceramente non mi sembra proprio un 4b, è un errore o cosa? Qualcuno che l ha fatta può confermare la mia idea? I numeri delle vie non sono ben visibili ma quello della 8 si, c'è il numero 8 con un rettangolo giallo attorno, quindi mi sembra difficile che io abbia sbagliato via, qualcuno sa dirmi qualcosa?

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